Content is the king

Technavio in the News: Insightful Market Research is the Key to Influential Business Articles

The third quarter of 2018 has been very eventful for Technavio. From Forbes to VentureBeat and from SCMP to Nasdaq, several companies and media houses referred to Technavio’s market research reports for insights to substantiate their respective articles. Here is a glimpse at some of the prominent mentions in the month of July.From content creators…

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Sports Tourism Market

Sports Tourism Market in 2018: 10 Pioneering Trends to Watch For this Year

In 2018, sports tourism is set to emerge as a massively lucrative component of the global tourism market. And, where there is money, there will be competition. Vendors who are looking to consolidate their standing in the global sports tourism market will benefit from the following trends. These top-10 market trends will realign sports tourism…

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Digital content market

The Evolving Ecosystem of Digital Content: Top 3 Trends

The metamorphosis of content from print media and television to digital has been an interesting development in the past decade. No doubt, the increasing number of devices which support digital content along with access to high-speed internet have been the two major reasons behind this scenario. As digitalization seeps into the very fabric of our…

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Altcoin market

Value Proposition of Being a Player in the Cryptocurrency and Altcoin Market

In the last couple of years, no other topic has amassed such a polarized fan following as that of cryptocurrencies. Indeed, while a vast majority are curious, encouraged no doubt by Bitcoin’s impressive run in 2017, there has been skepticism as well. Bitcoin and the altcoin market aren’t universally recognized by many countries and that…

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Adventure Tourism Market

Top 5 Companies in the Global Adventure Tourism Market

A lucrative part of the tourism industry, adventure tourism is set to hit double-digit CAGR in the next five years. The rising purchasing power of millennials and the emergence of tourism as an important source of revenue for the third-world countries has attracted huge investments in the adventure vacations market. Read: The Adventure Generation –…

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