mobile payment companies

Top 10 Mobile Payment Companies Leading the Global Mobile Payment Market in 2019

The proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and many other associated digital technologies has revolutionized the world and every aspect of our lives including travel, communication, business, and almost every other thing that we do today. However, one thing which recently took the world by storm is the emergence of mobile payment apps and online…

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best crowdfunding sites

10 Best Crowdfunding Sites in the World 2019

In today’s digitalization world that has changed nearly every aspect of our lives, crowdfunding is a new and rapidly growing space which is reaping maximum benefits of digital technologies. Indeed, the Internet is giving the new shape to the crowdfunding industry, providing a choice for entrepreneurs to raise funds from all over the world through…

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sports betting companies

Top 10 Sports Betting Companies in the Global Gambling Market 2019

With the digital revolution in full swing and the ease of government regulations on gambling, the sports betting industry is undergoing dynamic transformations over the last few years and consequently surging in popularity around the word, the revenues of many world’s leading sports betting companies are also growing significantly year on year. Today, sports betting…

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set-top-box manufacturers

Top 10 Set-Top-Box Manufacturers in the World 2019

The television landscape has been witnessing a myriad of changes over the past several years and has become more diverse than ever. The increasing digitization of television networks is one of the significant changes that the industry has gone through in recent times. The digitization is increasingly being adopted in cable networks, thanks to benefits…

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fitness app developers

10 Best Fitness App Developers in the World in 2018

From ordering food to getting a ride on demand, mobile applications are transforming the world, providing convenience to people across the world, and the health and wellness industry is no exception to it. Mobile apps are powering the fitness enthusiasts in planning workouts, sleep, diets, hygiene, and much more. Adding to this is the growing…

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esports games

Top 10 Esports Games in The World 2018

The electronic sports (esports) industry is hitting a serious growth spurt over the last few years, thanks in part to the emergence of a surge of esports league, and the incessant participation of numerous professional gamers and larger audiences. Nevertheless, the bourgeoning growth of competitive gaming is first and foremost fueled by games pioneered by…

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esports companies

Top 10 Esports Companies in the World in 2018

Electronic Sports (Esport) – the industry which has long been operating as a niche segment of the media and entertainment landscape is growing in popularity and grabbing the immense attention of gamers and audience across the world. With a rising number of events and tournaments being organized in several countries worldwide, esports has become competitive…

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music streaming apps

Top 10 Best Music Streaming Apps in the Global Music Streaming Service Market 2018

Music streaming service that offer easy and real-time access to music is all the rage these days, thanks to the availability of affordable Internet and cloud technologies, and the changing consumer preferences. Consequently, an increasing number of people across the world are consuming music on their mobile phones. Combine this with the growing global investments…

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content marketing companies

Top 10 Content Marketing Companies in the World 2018

As the adage goes ‘Content is King’, content marketing has long been the incredibly useful marketing strategy, thanks to its practicality and applications that allows almost any business to reap the benefits of online space. Needless to say, the concept has worked effectively for decades and continues to work in this modern era of digitalization….

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