Technavio in the News: Insightful Market Research is the Key to Influential Business Articles

Content is the king

The third quarter of 2018 has been very eventful for Technavio. From Forbes to VentureBeat and from SCMP to Nasdaq, several companies and media houses referred to Technavio’s market research reports for insights to substantiate their respective articles. Here is a glimpse at some of the prominent mentions in the month of July.From content creators to content analytics providers, the number of companies embracing content marketing and building innovative solutions is staggering. The amount of investment flowing into the content marketing industry is reminiscent of the social media boom from the not-so-distant past. Although some may doubt the use and effectiveness of content marketing, the tools and tactics marketers use to create and distribute content continue to evolve at an unprecedented rate and their impact is exponential.

Tony Silber’s insightful article on presented an interesting observation on the growing formation of content studios across the media industry with an example of the American Chemical Society which recently created a content studio (C&EN BrandLab) to serve the ever-evolving content marketing space. This trending concept was highlighted using relevant data and insights from Technavio’s recent market research report titled Global Content Marketing Industry 2017-2021:

The global content marketing industry is projected to grow at an annual rate of 16% per year, to reach USD 412 billion by the end of 2021.

The content marketing industry report compiled by Technavio’s market research experts presents a very positive outlook for the content marketing industry over the next five years. Industry experts suggest that content studios are a prominent addition to the future of content marketing.The gaming headset market is growing at a brisk pace, thanks to the staggering growth of eSports. Industry experts at Technavio predict that the industry will grow steadily with a CAGR of more than 7 percent over the next five years. The comprehensive insights from Technavio are expertly channelized and presented by Matt Porter in the influential MailOnline UK article titled ‘Fortnite and PUBG are helping gaming peripheral sales, as HyperX announces it has shipped 5 million headsets’.

The article highlights the growing adoption of gaming headsets by customers and the rapid development of technologies by leading companies.  The article relies on expert insights provided in Technavio’s report titled ‘Global Gaming Headsets Market 2018-2022’ which includes a detailed analysis of the market covering aspects such as market growth, forecast, competitive landscape along with an analysis of trends and drivers that are expected to impact the market over the forecast period.