Smart Cities Turn Smarter, Safer and Profitable with Intelligent Video Analytics

Global Intelligent Video Analytics Market 2017-2021

Across the world, video surveillance and the relational analytics is booming, and is undeniably getting smarter and intelligent with each passing year. From detecting any unusual event to recognizing a range of behaviors on a real-time basis, intelligent video analytics offers advanced monitoring capabilities that conduct sophisticated video surveillance, thanks to the high-performance servers and dedicated software, deployed for exactly this purpose.

Global Mobile Biometrics Market 2017-2021With its advanced monitoring capabilities, intelligent video surveillance not only helps in perimeter protection of airports but also plays a pivotal role in border control, security of government buildings and even tracking objects in extreme weather conditions. However, video analytics finds its paramount application as a vital tool in public safety, especially catering to the unique requirements posed by ‘Smart Cities‘.

Video analytics is putting the smart in smart cities

Over the years, there has been a tremendous increase in the number of infrastructural facilities such as airports, seaports, railway stations, highways, bridges, tunnels and bus stations, all equipped with smart and innovative technologies. The intent behind each of these smart city developments is to improve the living conditions for individuals, whilst keeping practical efficiency, data sharing, intelligent networking, green technology and cost savings in mind.

Smart cities ensure sustainable and efficient environments within buildings. An increasing number of developed and emerging countries have smart cities that offer energy efficiency and improved security. The buildings and infrastructure facilities in these cities use numerous technologies to optimize the use of energy resources. Additionally, one of the key facilities that these places demand is advanced surveillance to detect any and all suspicious or unauthorized activities.

The video surveillance technologies interconnect buildings and the grid with the help of ICT-based devices and networks. Ultimately, edge-based intelligent video analytics will replace the existing analog cameras with groundbreaking smart cameras that have sophisticated analytical attributes. The unlimited processing power of these tools improves the efficiency and performance of the deployed smart video analytics solution.

Smart cameras are making sense of what they see, in real time!

From supporting basic motion detection to a suite of edge analytics which run within the camera itself, today’s cameras offer a slew of high-tech features for improved video analytics. The modern IP cameras do not require a direct connection to the PCs and can be placed anywhere within the network range. Plus, an IP camera has its own IP address and can be accessed or controlled through any IP network such as WAN, LAN, Intranet, or the Internet.

As analytics continues to improve and the leading providers respond resourcefully to a broad range of user demands, intelligent video analytics will gain wider acceptance in both government and commercial domains.  The circumstances detected will become increasingly subtle, allowing innovative end-users to improve public safety by creatively employing this exciting technology. It’s time for smart cities to live upto their title.