Internet security

A New Twist to the Petya Story : Not for Profit, but Targeted Destruction

With WannaCry leaving over 100 countries weeping, cybercrime has emerged as one of the major global threats of the year. Even the World Economic Forum (WEF) has recognized data theft, misuse of emerging technologies, and cyber-attacks as pressing issues which need immediate attention. Internet security has thus emerged as a full-grown market to help businesses,…

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finger print scanner

Security at the Fingertips : What’s the future for the Global Finger Biometrics Industry?

Convenience and security always have a significant impact on the customer’s choice. From healthcare sector to defense, and transportation industry, biometric technology is a reliable and foolproof option to improve security.  In recent times, the technology pertaining to the security of premises has taken many fruitful steps, thanks to the advent of cutting-edge innovation known…

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facial recognition

From Science Fiction to Indispensable Reality : The Evolution of Facial Recognition Technology

What was once considered a subject of science fiction, facial recognition technology has come a long way from imagination to reality in a matter of decades. Today, the next generation facial recognition technology has real world applications that are revolutionizing the way several sectors function, most importantly the government, banking and financial sectors and transportation…

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Increased Adoption and Innovation to Drive Two-factor Authentication Market

As people use the internet for an increasing number of tasks that involve sensitive information, security is more important than ever. Two-factor authentication (TFA) helps protect unauthorized access to important accounts by requiring two separate components instead of just one. For example, in addition to a password the user might need to input a code…

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