Safe Cloud for Businesses : AI and Machine Learning Are Taking Out Security Threats in Cloud Computing

Global Cloud Security Solutions Market

There is no denying the fact that the cloud mechanism has simplified data maintenance, and improved overall work efficiency of numerous organizations in an assortment of industry verticals (we’ve covered this here). Although the continued advances in information technology, such as cloud computing, is bringing abundant opportunities for global businesses, one alarming issue that lingers on is the increased frequency of startling security breaches.

Global Cloud Security Solutions Market 2017-2021These issues pertaining to cloud computing pose a serious challenge to companies that have adopted this technology and augments the responsibility of Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) to come up with advanced and secure cloud solutions. Today, the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) has brought additional challenges that necessitates the need for new approaches to counter the persistent security issues.

Security is central to the mass adoption of cloud computing

Cloud computing technology, which was popular amongst just the transformational businesses, has now found immense approval, even amongst the late adopters. However, with cyber-attacks becoming more complex and sophisticated, advanced security solutions that can reduce the risk of breaches and ensure accountability has become the absolute need of the hour.

Thankfully, cloud computing security has emerged as the most feasible solution for organizations to overcome these security threats while running their business operations efficiently. Cloud security solutions are not standardized, thus, a wide array of related solutions are available in the market. These offer companies an option to pick and choose security systems based on their express requirements and budgets, at every stage of the cloud migration process.

Security powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

With a goal to implement self-sustaining mechanisms for recognizing and isolating cloud security threats, IT security experts find artificial intelligence and automation as the most efficient methods of monitoring constant activity over multiple channels, ergo, to detect security threats as and when they crop up.

Static security rules aren’t adequate anymore, security systems must indulge in the study of traffic to detect the persistent and deceitful bots that are crawling the internet today. Today, the trend is automated systems that learn from existing threats to predict and anticipate future risks. It’s AI at its finest!

Machine Learning and artificial intelligence are anticipated to annex a number of milestones for security and automation in 2017. The recent instance is the emergence of Amazon Machine Learning (ML) that uses robust algorithms to create models by discovering patterns in the existing data. Later, it uses these models to process new data and generate predictions for future applications. All things considered, the presence of a constantly learning system that can anticipate trouble, is more likely to succeed when looking for security threats associated with cloud infrastructures. Like we said, it’s the textbook definition of AI, and in 2017, AI is getting seriously good.