Reinventing Mobile Telephony with eSIM : Massive Scaling & Seamless Adoption to Drive an Immensely Profitable Market

SIM card market

From telephones to an era of 3G and LTE services, the telecommunication platforms have evolved strongly over the decades. Herein, the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards have played a pivotal role in delivering secure, identifiable and authenticated access to mobile operator networks for almost a quarter of a century. In the current digital age, SIMs have transitioned from bulk to the compact form- the popular micro and nano cards.

However, the evolution of the SIM doesn’t wind down here. In the global market, the tiny heart of the smartphone industry is geared up to go virtual with the embedded SIM (eSIM) and M2M technology. Indeed, the consumers are on the precipice of a technological breakthrough involving the humble SIM card, and the mass adoption of this technology as reported by Technavio’s market research report will be quick and seamless.

How eSIM is a game changer in the SIM card industry?

eSIM has been a hot topic for both millennials and manufacturers in recent times. This non-removable card is presently the most sought-after innovation per the smartphone manufacturers, and soon it is anticipated to be widely integrated into the very nerve center of mobile telephony. It is a standardized chip that is open to various mobile operators globally. In a broad sense, while switching carriers, this technology eliminates the need to replace SIM cards. Instead, the change takes place simply via a text message from the old to the new carrier.

The future of eSIM seems to be secure thanks to the emergence of several disruptive technologies in the mobile telecom sector. Besides, its complete impact after launch is yet to be ascertained, but initial deployment of an eSIM-based device could be highly complex, expensive and will perhaps include some teething issues. However, in the long run, it should optimize cost and extend the usage and life of a mobile device.

The new-generation SIM cards are unlike traditional chips that are just used to call, message and execute other standard deliverables. Embedded SIM has emerged as a go-to tool which delivers beyond the current roster of SIM card applications, and is meeting the unique requirements of M2M applications such as smart meters and connected cards. M2M systems offer direct communication between devices using SIM cards, including wired and wireless connections.

Connect seamlessly to profitability with insightful market research

Apple and Samsung are leading the revolution within the telecom industry and have been in conversation with network providers to implement eSIMs for upcoming smartphones. While Apple has already equipped some of its iPads with a single SIM, based on their vision of the embedded SIM technology, the global SIM card market is set to change drastically with the introduction of eSIM and other allied technologies. Thus, stay in the know with comprehensive market insights from Technavio, and never miss a chance to cash-in on emerging technologies that are intent on disrupting the market and cornering a massive chunk of the profit inflow.