ZigBee Remotes: Making Home Automation Easier

ZigBee remotes

Smart technology’ has touched almost every material aspect of our lives. From smart phones and smart appliances, now we have moved on to smart buildings and smart homes. Home automation is no longer just a fragment of a geek’s imagination. Rather with increased focus on energy conservation, consumers are looking for ways in which they can save on their bills and switch to the intelligent lighting system.

Why should you switch to home automation?

The home automation system is a computer-based control system which controls and monitors several mechanical and electrical equipment in the household. Right from lighting and power systems, ventilation, to security systems – everything can be integrated, managed, and controlled through home automation systems. And when it comes to home automation, any discussion is incomplete without taking ZigBee technology into account.

ZigBee technology is a lower power version of Wi-Fi, which is used connect devices like smart meters, smart lighting, smart thermostats, set-top boxes (STB), remote controls, etc. The technology is regarded as one of the best things to happen to the internet of things (IoT) devices, and a vital element in making home automation easily adaptable. Apart from bringing down power consumption, ZigBee also enhances the productivity of HVAC equipment. ZigBee-enabled smart thermostats have intelligent sensor systems that regulate energy consumption by adjusting the volume of power consumption based on user patterns. ZigBee thus not only reduces your utility bills but also helps in bringing down carbon emissions.

Here’s how ZigBee remotes can enhance your home automation system

According to our market analysts, the trend towards smart home gadgets is on the rise, almost in all parts of the world. These smart devices call for a reliable, robust, and cost-effective wireless solutions that can conveniently connect and control a wide range of smart home gadgets. And as ZigBee is one of the most reliable technologies, it is only natural that the demand for ZigBee remotes goes high.

ZigBee remotes gained popularity with lighting controls giant Lutron Electronics adopted this technology for its ClearConnect wireless home automation technology. Unlike other remotes, the radio frequency used by remotes from ZigBee Alliance allows both controller and devices to switch to a power-saving mode and manage their power consumption. The device also has the multi-pairing capability, bi-directional communications, high-precision motion control, and built-in security features. Due to these features of the ZigBee remotes, recently even the Thread Group collaborated with the ZigBee Alliance to provide its consumers with better connectivity.

When it comes to the global market of ZigBee remotes, it is APAC which holds the largest share of its market. As the Internet, and IoT is gradually penetrating in the APAC region, our analysts predict the market for ZigBee technology to grow in the next five years. The emergence of different ZigBee standards has further boosted the adoption on ZigBee remotes for home automation purpose.

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