Top 3 Makeup Trends for Halloween 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween is arguably the most visual festive event of the year. More so than any other popular holiday, Halloween is a time for creativity- offering the people a chance to dress up themselves and their homes in all shades of spooky. No wonder, this festival is a big money spinner for the cosmetology and beauty businesses, with consumer interest in scare inducing makeup products and services assuredly spiking up through the season.

While each year brings its own new catalog of pop culture and current events themed costumes and makeup designs, only a few products or trends attract an almost universal fan following. From temporary hair coloring to spooky nail art and 3D tech-driven eye makeup, herein are our favorite Halloween makeup and beauty trends this season—

1) Temporary hair color for creepy hairstyles

Halloween is the best excuse for playing around with temporary hair color. Today, consumers prefer changing their hair color as opposed to buying an entirely new costume, thus saving a bundle while also committing to an impressive addition in their spooky arsenal. Thankfully, cosmetic companies have evolved with the times- introducing products to please their customers’ commitment-phobe personalities, while also satisfying their desires for trendy colorful hair.

From temporary aerosol hair color spray cans to semi-permanent dyes, from clip-ins to chalk and hair gel, several brands in the hair color business are offering a wide variety of hair coloring products that promises to work in accordance with individual tastes. Coupled with the increasing popularity of Halloween, these temporary hair colors have cannibalized sales in salon hair care, colorants, and styling agents.

2) Horrifying eye-makeup using 3D printing

Eye make-up is currently positioned as the strongest performing discipline across the cosmetic industry. From intricate black cat to sultry moon-inspired shadow makeups, the options for Halloween themed eye wear is never-ending. A recent technology that is powerfully contributing to this trend is 3D printing.

A little printer equipped with already-existing software helps users to choose any color from the web, or the real world and imprint that color onto lip-gloss, blush, eyeshadow or any other type of Halloween makeup. This technology is the result of the consumer’s increasing focus on instant gratification and do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions.

3) Nail art is a trend: Spooky Halloween manicures

Halloween celebrations are not just about makeup and costumes- millennials underline nails to be up to the scratch too. Not just during Halloween, nail art is fast becoming the new index for practical fashion and beauty throughout the year. It has increasingly grown in profile on the back of a stronger preoccupation with nail art and customization of colors inspired by celebrity influence, fashion shows and bolder design offerings from brand vendors.

This nail art trend has played out not only in salons but retail outlets too. In the last several years, gel-textured formulas have been developed alongside other breakthrough innovations, such as nail polish strips from Sally Hansen and magnetic polish from Nails Inc.  Beyond that, we should now expect more salon concepts to transfer to the retail mainstream.

Halloween offers unique business opportunities

By and large, Halloween brings in a plethora of opportunities for several business verticals, including the global cosmetics business. All it takes is for a savvy entrepreneur to understand the situation and overlook the opportunity.

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