Anti-Pollution Cosmetics : Popular Skincare Segment Grows Alongside the Global Pollution Levels

anti-pollution cosmetics

It isn’t news that pollution has emerged as a major problem in every country today. The dangerous levels of air pollution in urban areas has not only influenced the environment, but it also has detrimental effects on the human body and skin, resulting in dryness, rashes, premature aging, acne, age spots, and eczema. In sharp contrast to its harmful impact, air pollution offers a sizable business opportunity in the beauty industry – prompting the proponents here to pay attention to the changing climate, and develop anti-pollution cosmetics to protect the consumer’s’ skin from this harmful development.

Skin care industry poses as first defensive line against air pollution

As per the recent report by the World Health Organization (WHO), air pollution is seen as a major environmental health risk factor and consumers are starting to identify its harmful effects on the skin. Pollution can come from all types of things; road and air traffic, forest fires, fossil-fuel combustion and in big cities, the impact is particularly extreme.

Until quite recently, medical professionals believed that a routine of antioxidants, barrier repair, and cleansing was the excellent defense against air pollution on the skin. However, today, frontline research has paved the way for skin care products that are exclusively designed to fight skin pollution. With an aim to produce anti-pollution skincare products, manufacturers are using food ingredients including artichokes, acai berry, moringa, green tea and similar anti-pollution elements due to their enormous levels of antioxidants and ability to protect skin cells.

Anti-pollution products : Getting under the skin of millennials

While consumers across the world are concerned about protecting their skin from the dangerous effects of air pollution, the personal care industry has witnessed the emergence of a plethora of skin care companies offering a surge of anti-pollution cosmetics that claim to defend the sensitive skin from pollution.

Taking a cue from the Asian cosmetic companies, top multinational brands such as Procter & Gamble and L’Oréal have developed dedicated varieties of anti-pollution cosmetics to protect the skin from pollutants. Procter & Gamble has teamed up with the Royal Botanic Gardens to develop natural additives to aid this objective.

Anti-pollution cosmetics, an inherent trend in the Asia Pacific market owing to the critical degree of air pollution, is now being rolled out internationally, thanks to the rising consumer desire for a healthy look. Besides, millennials from across the world including Europe, and the Americas are also understanding the need for anti-pollution products to protect their skin from harmful pollution. This translates into vast worldwide opportunities for top cosmetic brands and ingredients manufacturers.

Vendors can seize the opportunity with market research

Anti-pollution cosmetics is the major trend in the beauty industry today. The major question remains – which brands will be able to benefit from this new opportunity and win the biggest market shares? Well, the answer lies in the level of innovation that a company would come up with to produce unique products in this category. However, before this, a comprehensive market research is the prime and ideal solution for established as well as new brands entering the fray. Technavio’s industry experts believe that brands producing anti-pollution cosmetics have a golden opportunity in the skincare industry.

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