How safe is my Makeup?

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Top 3 rules to choosing the right color cosmetics

As I apply my eye makeup to gear up for a long day at work, a nagging thought flits across my mind: Is this branded eyeliner true to its claim of offering beauty with no hazards? Does the FDA really monitor color cosmetics products and the lofty claims of their manufacturers?

A quick google search reveals that the FDA does in fact have some laws pertaining to the manufacture and labelling of color cosmetics marketed in the United States. However, it cannot regulate the ingredients used other than the color additives. Moreover, a look at the label reveals a frightening list of long and complicated chemical names. Can all these chemicals be good for my skin? Do I need to rethink my choice of makeup?

According to Technavio’s latest analysis, the color cosmetics industry in the US is expected to grow to USD 15 billion by 2022. This is a clear indicator of our dependence on cosmetic products. So how do we reconcile our health concerns with our need for color cosmetics? Here is a checklist of the top three rules to follow while looking for the best makeup products.

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1. Buy premium products to ensure durability

Always invest in branded high-quality cosmetics as these brands are more likely to use superior quality ingredients, resulting in durable and non-toxic products. The premium color cosmetics product segments include face makeup, eye makeup, lip makeup, and nail makeup. Cosmetics market analysis show that color cosmetic manufacturers in the US are increasingly focusing on the development of premium products.

2. Choose Halal color cosmetics for quality and safety

Halal cosmetics are body and skin care products which are known to be free from materials that are forbidden by Islamic society. Halal cosmetics focus on halal compliance with respect to the entire supply chain, which ranges from sourcing of raw materials to manufacturing, transportation, freight handling and warehousing. This ensures that the cosmetic product in your hand is the best in terms of safety and quality.

3. Go vegan and look for the organic tag

As we become more conscious of preserving the environment, the same holds true for ourselves. We need to nurture, nourish, and augment our physical beauty with natural and eco-friendly products as they are the most dependable with respect to providing the most benefit with negligible after-effects. Certified organic makeup products are carefully formulated blends of minerals and natural pigments which are developed with the requirements of both health and beauty in mind. Moreover, natural and organic color cosmetics are earth-friendly as they are free of synthetic chemicals and are never tested on animals.

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The color cosmetic industry swamps us with a wide array of choices when it comes to finding the best makeup products. Each product is packaged and marketed beautifully with print and social media extolling its myriad benefits. This checklist helps to simplify the decision. If a product qualifies on any of the above listed criteria, it makes the cut and is safe to use.