smartphone companies

Top 10 Largest Smartphone Companies in the World 2019

With the continuous digital literacy and technological advancements across the globe, innovations including smartphones have been gaining traction in the market considerably in the recent years. Furthermore, with the emergence of some of the largest smartphone companies offering products with advanced features including multiple SIMS and high-speed processors. Smart phone market players have been engaging…

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SIM card market

Reinventing Mobile Telephony with eSIM : Massive Scaling & Seamless Adoption to Drive an Immensely Profitable Market

From telephones to an era of 3G and LTE services, the telecommunication platforms have evolved strongly over the decades. Herein, the SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) cards have played a pivotal role in delivering secure, identifiable and authenticated access to mobile operator networks for almost a quarter of a century. In the current digital age, SIMs…

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