No Pain, All Gain : Here’s How the Americas Continue to Dominate the Bone and Joint Supplement Market

Health supplements are no longer fancy products which only a few will choose to include in their diet. A growing number of senior citizens, more awareness about the importance of supplements, and improved purchasing power is literally driving the global bone and joint supplement market. Changes in lifestyle, especially with most people being indoors in air-conditioned rooms, with limited access to the sun, have contributed to increased cases of vitamin D deficiency amongst the urban population. This explains why bone health supplements are a top-seller in almost all parts of the globe irrespective of the economic status of the region.

The Americas : Improving their bone density

If one were to analyze the geographical segmentation of the global market for bone health supplements, it would be quite clear that though APAC region is gradually witnessing an increased demand for joint care supplements, it is the Americas (North and South together) which holds a major share of the market. No doubt, the top dollar spent on healthcare facilities along with increased disposable income are the two chief reasons for the exponential demand for bone and joint supplements in this region. Also, the fact that the population in this region is turning out to be more health-conscious with fitness centers mushrooming in every part of this region has a lot to do with the growing popularity of supplements.

Bone and Joint Supplement Market

The Americas, especially in the US and Canada, is also witnessing a rapid increase in the number of nutritionists and food consultants. The result – the level of awareness has improved significantly. A huge chunk of the population understands the importance of maintaining good bone health. And, this knowledge is not only limited to why the elderly population should take extra care of their bones and joints. Rather it has emerged as a culture where right from childhood a lot of attention is paid to improving the bone health of the child, followed by concern for women as they tend to deplete their calcium volume with time, and need effective replenishment for the same.

Lastly, the fact that bone health supplements are now easily available on several online platforms has given a major push to both sales and demand for these products. Industry majors like Archer Daniels Midland, DSM, and Cargill, already have their products available online. The easy availability of supplements encourages even the skeptics to try the products and see the results for themselves. At present, the United States, followed by Canada, and Brazil, are major countries which have emerged as prime markets to watch out for.

Potential cracks in the bone and joint supplement market

Despite the Americas being a promising market for health supplements, market analysts see the availability of counterfeit products and cheap substitutes as challenges which vendors must overcome. This can only be done with stricter regulations and better education of difference between authentic and counterfeit supplements. Regulatory bodies like the FDA have already come up with standards which need to be met to gets its certification. Vendors on their part are even trying their best to break into regions where the demand for supplements is yet to witness a spike.

Given that industry experts predict a decent growth of the bone and joint supplements market in the next five years – these challenges can be addressed by setting up apt regulations in place. Reaching out to emerging markets in APAC and the EMEA is a strategy that demands a good amount of research and a well-planned out formula for the associated product’s launch.