deep learning companies

Top 10 Deep Learning Companies in the World 2019

The global deep learning market is forecast to maintain its growing momentum throughout 2019, while the world’s top 10 deep learning companies are expected to continue their market leadership over next five years. Since deep learning technologies help to provide machine assistance by extending human capabilities, the rising demand for improved human and system interaction…

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Wearable medical devices

Wearable Medical Devices: Future of Technology in the Healthcare Sector

The healthcare landscape has always been quick to adopt groundbreaking connected technologies. Especially those that help providers offer an improved standard of care, while increasing efficiency and reducing operational costs. Among the various changes that have occurred- including the development of new imaging capabilities, the rise of electronic medical records, and so on- the standout…

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Solution to a Host of Industry Challenges

One of the major catalysts of the fourth industrial revolution will be Artificial Intelligence (AI). Indeed, AI is all the rage these days, from self-driving cars to chatbots to smartphone based personal assistants and email scheduling applications that promise to take routine tasks out of human hands. Whether it is by chipmakers, tech conglomerates, software…

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Global Cloud Security Solutions Market

Safe Cloud for Businesses : AI and Machine Learning Are Taking Out Security Threats in Cloud Computing

There is no denying the fact that the cloud mechanism has simplified data maintenance, and improved overall work efficiency of numerous organizations in an assortment of industry verticals (we’ve covered this here). Although the continued advances in information technology, such as cloud computing, is bringing abundant opportunities for global businesses, one alarming issue that lingers…

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Top 5 Trends that are Shaping Up the Global Automotive Market

The automotive industry is one of the most influential business verticals on the planet. Also, a discipline that witnesses the maximum innovation and the development of pathbreaking technologies. What’s in store for the global automotive industry in the immediate future? Here’s our prediction on what’s coming up. 1) Autonomous is in – Google and Uber…

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