Top 5 Trends that are Shaping Up the Global Automotive Market

The automotive industry is one of the most influential business verticals on the planet. Also, a discipline that witnesses the maximum innovation and the development of pathbreaking technologies. What’s in store for the global automotive industry in the immediate future?

Here’s our prediction on what’s coming up.

1) Autonomous is in – Google and Uber will lead the driverless movement

It’s not about the availability as much as it is about the acceptability. In short order, autonomous cars will become a common concept that will be a priority point with almost all auto manufacturers. Leading the pack will be cab sharing giant, Uber, and tech major, Google, who already have made inroads in this direction. Expect features like adaptive cruise control and self-parking to be as common as the wheels on your car.

Trendz Talk2) 3D Printing is in – Safer, cheaper cars will challenge conventional manufacturing

Strati roadster from Local Motors ensured that it can be done, and the proverbial baton will next be taken up more accomplished auto manufacturers. The inevitability of 3D machining is down to the fact that this option saves on costs and delivers a durable and safe automobile. Modern cars are designed to take a specified number of impacts and last a specific number of years. Meanwhile, 3D printed cars will probably completely disintegrate after a single crash, but can be easily printed right back. Neat!

3) EVs are in – Tesla will dominate the market that it helped popularize

As of the writing of this article, Tesla’s Model 3 electric car is selling (booking up, to be specific) like hotcakes. The aesthetics, performance and functionality of this latest offering from Tesla’s accomplished stable has elevated the standing of EVs as a practical automotive option for the common man. Already, other leading manufacturers like Toyota, BMW and staunch rival, Faraday Future, are privy to the possibilities. Infact, Nissan’s mid-sized hatchback, Leaf, is the world’s bestselling EV – and Tesla is hot on the heels, with the Model 3’s booking averaging 1,800 per day. The EV race is indeed heating up!

4) AI is in – Machine learning and intelligent machines will speed up innovation

All this talk about driverless technology, yet the inherent questions about safety (both, on the road and in terms of personal data) isn’t conclusively addressed thus far. This will change when machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) team up to produce a vehicle management software that will learn from new situations and fresh data. Cybersecurity will not just be about pre-defined coding but will include a real-time response from the car when faced with unfavorable circumstances.

5) Collaboration is in – Playing nice for the greater good

Traditionally, the auto industry has always been about competition and one-upmanship. However, as the automotive market jumps into specialties that extend beyond its core competencies, sharing of knowledge, resources and innovation seems like a good plan. A common type of collaboration will be that between auto manufacturers and cab hailing services, that between carmakers and technology firms and crucially, between two automakers that are trying to break into specialties that the other holds particular affinity and expertise in.

All things considered, the future looks A-OK for the global automotive market.