Corporate game based learning

Game Based Learning is Taking the Pain out of Corporate Training

Corporate games are an interactive way to build workplace bonhomie and explore latent employee talents. Lately, companies have woken up to the idea of imparting training to their workforce in an engaging manner rather than pushing a dossier of published content at them. Corporate game based learning is informative, improves employee engagement levels and predominantly…

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Floating Away to Profits : Winds Pick Up for the Global Parachute Market

What do skydivers and the Marines have in common? Commercial or military parachutes, of course. The impeccably constructed line that separates an adrenaline rush or successful air deployment from almost certain doom, the global parachute industry serves a very niche audience comprising of defense agencies, skydiving/adventure sports establishments and defense Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The…

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Beer dispenser

Tapping the Ale : Beer Dispenser Market Grows Symbiotically with the Global Beer Industry

Talk about instant gratification- beer to the rescue. However, before this iconic bubbly could be toasted and serenaded with, it had to be decanted. Herein, beer dispensers chimed in and the rest, as is said often, is history. Today, the beer dispenser industry is fizzing up, sitting atop great possibilities and basking in the success…

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What does it take to Flash the Perfect Smile? (Self Esteem and a USD 3 billion Industry)

The human smile. Mesmerizing, attractive and highly overrated. With age and sustained abuse, our teeth loose their sheen, sport a dull color and are a universal source of embarrassment. Thankfully, the specialty of Teeth Whitening is right on tow, and more and more people are rediscovering their charming smiles thanks to fifteen minutes spent daily…

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