Game Based Learning is Taking the Pain out of Corporate Training

Corporate game based learning

Corporate games are an interactive way to build workplace bonhomie and explore latent employee talents. Lately, companies have woken up to the idea of imparting training to their workforce in an engaging manner rather than pushing a dossier of published content at them. Corporate game based learning is informative, improves employee engagement levels and predominantly utilizes a delivery platform (smartphones, tablets, etc.) that finds high favor with the employees. No wonder, expert analysts at Technavio have pegged this discipline to grow upwards of USD 200 Million by the year 2021.

The makers of corporate training games have only one viable target audience to approach, the Corporate Organizations and the latter are focused on highly customized solutions that would be relevant to their employees. The underlying keyword here is ‘learning’ and whilst the two biggest challenges faced by this nascent industry are the inability of the corporates to accurately measure the learning objectives achieved and the issues pertaining to credibility of the games themselves, more and more organizations are jumping onboard. A sustainable CAGR through 2017-21 is predicted by Technavio as part of its insightful market research report on this subject. FREE sample download is available here.

One-stop-shop : Take away from the research report

  1. Expert analysis and insight to impress upon the fact that the market is indeed accelerating.
  2. A roundup of the market leaders, BreakAway Games, G-Cube, Growth Engineering and PlayGen.
  3. Brief about the expected challenges, key market trends and drivers.
  4. Examination of the current market and an informed insight into the corporate gaming scene through the next five years (2017- 2021).
  5. And other influential factors and predictions, contained in a 70-page dossier.

Gaming & corporates, what’s the catch?

Remember the tug-of-war and trust falls that were the staple of corporate team building exercises in the past? Today, these have been replaced by more interactive and engaging options that can be carried around as an app on your smartphone or accessed off the cloud. The evolution of the corporate game based learning industry is hinged on versatility, innovation, creativity and the ability of the game producer to convince the corporate organization that the former’s titles are relevant and specific to the company’s workforce. Generalization is out, highly personalized content is in.

Technavio understands this aforementioned situation and offers an informed industry research report that samples the current market trends, analyses the obvious and slow maturing propensities and predicts the general flow and behavior of the market across a five-year timeframe. Positioned squarely on the wider audience, this comprehensive report can be customized to suit your own organization’s specific requirements and limitations.

Take the first step. Know everything there is to know about the Global Corporate Game Based Learning Market by downloading the free sample report. Thank us later.