Technavio says global nanofiber market will be a billion dollar industry by 2020, thanks to technological upgradations

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This market research report includes a detailed segmentation of the global nanofiber market by application type (filtration, energy, electronics, and healthcare). It outlines the market shares for key regions such as the Americas, APAC, and EMEA. The key vendors analyzed in this report are Asahi Kasei Fibers, Catalytic Materials, Donaldson, DuPont, Johns Manville, The Nanofiber Group, and Toray.

Technavio’s market research analysts estimate the global nanofiber market to grow at a CAGR of around 24% between 2016 and 2020. The increased adoption of nanofibers in technical textile is the primary growth driver for this market. Technical textiles that include nonwovens make up around 25% of the global fiber consumption and have huge demand in areas like medical devices, water purification, and responsive fibrous system. APAC accounts for 36% of the total market share, owing to large government funding for research and development to achieve sustainable energy and environment. Countries like Singapore and Japan, are actively involved in improving the energy efficiency of devices by using nanofibers as separators in fuel cells, solar cells and other devices of high energy capacitors

The new market research report from Technavio provides a breakdown and analysis of the nanofiber segments by technology.

“Of late, the market is witnessing improvement in nanofiber production system. Vendors strive to achieve economy of scale to reduce the breakeven point. Many solution providers such as FibeRio technology, Elmarco are coming up with improved technology and new techniques, showcasing their capabilities to provide comprehensive nanofiber solutions. Not only are these solution providers looking to demonstrate their higher production capacity but also their ability to complete turnkey projects,” says Sunil Singh, Lead Analyst, Hardware & Semiconductor, Technavio Research

The filtration application segment dominates the market, accounting for 59% of the total market share. However, the electronics application segment is expected to see the highest CAGR during the forecast period. Material cost is an important factor driving the nanofiber market in electronics application. Nanofibers have a structural advantage such as enhanced conductivity over other materials and are being used as deposits on the pre-patterned SiO2 substrate in field effect transistor (FET). These transistors and other logic circuits find huge application in the electronics sector.

The leading vendors in the global nanofiber market include Asahi Kasei Fibers, Catalytic Materials, Donaldson, DuPont, Johns Manville, The Nanofiber Group, and Toray. The nanofibers market is in the nascent stage and provides ample opportunities for vendors to capture the market share.  Difficulties in production such as the clogging of the needle in the needle-based electrospinning process were limiting the supply of nanofibers. The production has become smoother and free of bottlenecks with the introduction of needle-free electrospinning process provided by Elmarco nanospider electrospinning technology.  

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, Global Nanofiber Market 2016-2020.

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