Adoption of Night Vision Devices in Automotive Sector to Revolutionize Embedded Systems Industry

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Technavio market research analysts foresee positive growth for many segments of the embedded systems industry in the next five years. In their recent findings, Technavio talks about three booming markets under the embedded systems industry that are anticipated to generate considerable revenues and grow at a consistent rate during the forecast period.

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Global Night Vision Systems Market 2017-2021

Advances in embedded systems, such as higher memory capacities, faster processor speeds, and higher power capacities are required for technological growth across all industries. The upcoming report on the global night vision systems market is expected to help clients understand the supply landscape of the embedded systems sector as the report offers critical information regarding products and services offered by leading vendors. The market is expected to grow moderately during the forecast period. The growth in the market can be attributed to the continuous investments in the military segment by the governments of different countries such as the US, India, China, and Saudi Arabia.

The market for night vision systems is also driven by the growing safety concerns among consumers to reduce the occurrence of road accidents due to poor visibility at night. These systems have also become popular among automotive vendors such as Audi, BMW, and Toyota. The major trend gaining traction in the market is the adoption of night vision systems in smartphones. In 2014, Snooperscope system was introduced, which helps smartphones function like a night vision camera. Besides various applications, this product can also be used for home security and is expected to drive market growth during the forecast period. Request a sample report

Global Timing Devices Market 2017-2021

Timing devices represent a substantial, steadily growing multi-billion-dollar market that covers clock generator, buffer ICs and frequency control devices. Since most of the electronic devices contain a timing IC, the majority of the demand for timing devices will emerge from the consumer electronics sector. Moreover, recent trends in the embedded systems market and the entry of new suppliers in electronics segment are driving innovation in timing technology. Such innovations will help designers improve system performance, simplify their designs, and decrease their reliance on timing devices with historically long lead times.

Furthermore, the market is expected to witness rapid advances in MEMS resonator and resonators. Technological advances in MEMS resonators make these devices cost-effective, energy-saving and better in performance, which will drive growth in the resonators market during the forecast period. Request a sample report

Global Spectroscopy Market 2017-2021

The global spectroscopy market is expected to grow because of the factors including increasing demand for handheld and portable spectrometer devices from emerging countries and fund allotment from government organizations. Spectroscopy sector is further expected to grow with the technological advancements and improved analysis. For instance, Hamamatsu Photonics introduced the latest MEMS spectrometer range called C12880MA, which is an ultra-compact, portable spectrometer that has a wider spectral response and sensitive to UV to the extent of the visible range.

Furthermore, the end user industries such as pharmaceutical and food and beverages are increasing investment in R&D due to the growing consumer’s preference towards the usage of high-quality products. For this purpose, various devices such as, UV-VIS, MIR, and handheld Raman spectrometer are used for food quality monitoring, which is offered by Agilent, Bruker, and Thermo Fisher. Request a sample report

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