Top 10 Set-Top-Box Manufacturers in the World 2019

set-top-box manufacturers

The television landscape has been witnessing a myriad of changes over the past several years and has become more diverse than ever. The increasing digitization of television networks is one of the significant changes that the industry has gone through in recent times. The digitization is increasingly being adopted in cable networks, thanks to benefits from value added services such as channel pack subscription, interactive videos, HD channels, and video on demand. Moreover, government regulations mandating the installation of set-top-boxes (STB) in countries like China and India are adding to the burgeoning growth of the global STB market, while these top 10 set-top-box manufacturers are dominating the industry.

Global Set-Top-Box Market Analysis

Technological advancements in the global STB market has resulted in the development of a surge of STBs equipped with cutting-edge multiple features which, in turn, has made the competition fierce among set-top-box companies. According to the Technavio’s market research analysts, the global set-top-box market will generate a revenue of nearly US$ 25 billion by 2022. With a comprehensive study of the growth opportunities for the STB companies across regions such as the APAC, Americas, and EMEA, the industry experts have predicted that countries in the APAC will account for a major share of the global STB market during the forecast period.

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Top 10 Set-Top-Box Manufacturers in 2019

ARRIS International

Arris International is a world-leading manufacturer of telecommunication equipment that provides video and telephony systems, and cable operators with data. Arris is a global leader in IP video and broadband technology that has a history of providing millions of customers with transforming experience of communications and entertainment. The company created digital TV, delivered wireless broadband gateway and now looking to dominate the industry with the next generation’s personalized, multiscreen, Ultra HD, and cloud services. In 2016, Arris acquired the Germany-based Pace, one of the 10 best set-top-box manufacturers in the world.

DISH Network

Based in Meridian, Colorado, Dish Network is the largest pay-TV provider in the US and worldwide and the owner of the leading over-the-top IPTV service brand; Sling TV. The company has served more than 13 million household television subscribers along with retail spots, restaurants, hotels and other commercial accounts, making it one of the world’s largest set-top-box manufacturers. The network’s programming includes on-demand video service, local and international channels, regional and specialty sports, pay-per-view, and premium movies. Much of DISH Network’s revenue comes from its streaming pay-TV subscriptions. Dish Network counts about 2.2 million Sling TV subscribers and about 11 million satellite subscribers.

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HUMAX is one of the first companies to successfully develop the digital satellite set-top box in Asia and across the world, paving the way for company’s current position in the global set-top-box market. Humax currently provides high-quality set-top-boxes, video gateways, and broadband gateways for 80 major broadcasting companies through 20 overseas branches and subsidiaries across the world. Apart from domestic markets, the company distributes its products in overseas markets including Europe, America, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America, and others. In addition to set-top-boxes, HUMAX also supplies vehicle infotainment systems to global automakers along with ADAS, and telematics.

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Roku is a US-based global pioneer of a variety of digital media players that helps users to gain access to Internet-streamed audio or video services through televisions. The company is most recognized for streaming innovations, thanks to its streaming devices, powered by Roku OS that provides customers coveted content, ease of use and value. The company also offers a fully customized solution; Roku Powered, for service providers around the globe with simple to set-up and easy to use hardware and software that provides endless entertainment. Today, Roku Powered is a partner with Sky Deutschland, Sky Italia Sky UK, PLDT, and Telstra.


Formerly known as Thomson Multimedia and Thomson SARL, Technicolor is one of the technology leaders in the media and entertainment industry. The company provides a broad range of powerful and cost-effective non-DVR set-top-boxes, backed by the latest video services such as HDR and 4K over cable, satellite, or IPTV networks. Technicolor has acquired several brands recently which is one of the reasons for its significant growth. In 2015, Technicolor acquired Cisco’s television set-top box and cable modem business for $600 million. In 2017, LG Electronics sold its TV set-top box unit to Technicolor for $50 million. Today, Technicolor is one of the world’s largest set-top-box manufacturers.

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Broadcom is one of the global leaders in set-top-box SoC solutions for video delivery. Broadcom set-top-box SoC solutions provide over the top (OTT) content delivery providers and operators with cutting-edge set-top-box technology with 4K-based designs consisting of High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Ultra High Definition (UHD) technology. The company’s set-top-box solutions include a wide range of video encoder/decoder with embedded streaming processors, digital satellite, cable TV, broadband cable modem solutions, and terrestrial broadcast tuner/receivers.  Broadcom STB solutions are largely used by OEMs that offer solutions for system operators across the world.

Huawei Technologies

Huawei entered the set-top-box market in 2004, and since then has consistently evolved to become one of the best set-top-box manufacturers in the world. Huawei is dominating the set-top-box industry in emerging countries such as India. Huawei recently tied up with Dolby Laboratories to launch world’s first set-top-box for Internet Protocol television (IPTV) with Dolby Vision high-dynamic-range (HDR) technology. With the new introduction, the company is aiming to deliver remarkable HDR entertainment experience for customers.

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ABOX42 is one of the leading providers of OTT, IPTV, and hybrid DVB advanced set-top-box solutions, suitable for any city carrier, operator, or ISP project that require a high-quality solution. With an experience of more than a decade in the operator business, ABOX42 has the potential to surpass all its competitors with cutting-edge products and services.  The company is handling more than 30 operator’s projects with more than five continents covered. ABOX42 has deployed more than 120 different TV applications and OTT services on their set-top boxes.


ADB is one of the renowned leaders in digital broadcast solutions that has been providing end-to-end solutions to the pay-TV operators for several years. The company has become an expert in providing full-system solutions including reliable software, high-performing hardware, and delivery platforms for broadband and video services. ADB’s comprehensive range of products meets the expectations of broadband and TV operators who look to adapt their offerings to the changing market requirements and deliver innovative multi-play service.


Comcast Corporation is one of the leading entertainment and communication companies that operates cable systems through Comcast Cable and is involved in entertainment content development, production and distribution through NBCUniversal. The company provides set-top-boxes for its cloud-enabled video platform and Internet Protocol(IP) platform known as X1 platform.  Comcast’s X1 platform, a cloud-based set-top box offers on-demand video, digital video recording, and live video with integrated personalized recommendations, and search functionalities.

Top Set-Top-Box Market Trends in 2019

World’s top set-top-box manufacturers are focusing on enhancing the functions of STBs to increase their market shares and remain highly competitive in the market. The introduction of motion sensors in STBs is one of the recent technological advancements in the global set-top-boxes market. STB chips designed by Broadcom offer Bluetooth connectivity, which enables the connection of an STB to a gesture recognition-based remote control. The motion sensing technology has been developed by 3DiJoy, a Shanghai-based interactive gaming company. The implementation of motion-sensing technology in STBs supports interactive gaming through a single device, replacing the need for multiple devices.

The availability of STBs with integrated motion sensors is currently limited to the Americas and China. However, it is expected to gain immense traction in the developed regions such as APAC (Japan, South Korea. and Australia), and Europe (the UK France, and Germany) over the next few years.