Global Shared Services Market 2017-2021

Top 5 Trends that are Redefining the Value Proposition in the Global Shared Services Industry

The global marketplace is undeniably becoming more dynamic and intensely competitive with each passing day. The volatile nature of the market, coupled with the rising costs across the industry verticals, is compelling organizations to concentrate more on their core competencies to enhance the quality of their services. In this light, shared services are becoming extremely…

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digital transformation

Digital Transformation Services : Helping Businesses Find their Feet in a Fast Changing World

Digital transformation is undeniably ushering in a new era of business and rethinking the entire concept of customer engagement. As customer expectations rise to newer levels, novel technologies are introduced in tandem, forcing businesses at times to quickly acclimatize to the changing landscape. In this light, multi-brad Metro Shoes Ltd has been facing serious challenges…

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IT security solutions

Cost Optimization, Demand from the Public Sector and Popularity of SLOE Tools are Top Trends in IT Assessment & Optimization

As much as IT helps an organization, inefficient IT can actually hinder business operations and cause more problems than it solves. This is a big reason why IT assessment and optimization is emerging as a field. It aims to reduce IT costs and optimize IT assets in a bid to drive better utilization value. IT…

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