Almond Milk Market

Taking Dairy Out of the Milk: Top 3 Vendors in the Global Almond Milk Market

One of the more popular non-dairy milk products, almond milk has emerged as one of the best alternatives to dairy milk. The changing food choices of the population and the increasing popularity of vegan food options has created an immense demand for plant-based milk products. Due to its high nutritional value, almond milk has become…

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German Coffee Brands

Coffee in Deutschland: Profits and Competition Galore for German Coffee Brands in 2018

‘Coffee and smoking are the last great addictions’ goes the popular quote, and nowhere else is this axiom put to better practice than in Germany. Judging by the various German coffee brands and the ever-incrementing numbers of coffee aficionados, this non-alcoholic beverage is indeed finding favor in the affluent European country that has traditionally been…

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Refreshing Hard Sparkling Water

Move Over Soda: Sparkling Water is the New “It” Drink

Sparkling water is all the rage these days and is unanimously the up-and-coming star of the non-alcoholic beverages segment. With intensifying consumer preferences for nutritional and healthy drink options, food and beverage brands are intently looking for a convenient hybrid that, Delivers the same old carbonated feel, with the fizz and bubbles Holds a quantum…

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Energy Drinks Market

Targeted Promotional Campaigns are Adding a Fizz to the Charged Up Global Energy Drinks Market

Energy drinks are unquestionably a multi-billion-dollar industry today, however no food and beverage category has been more controversial than them. However, persistent pressure from politicians, health professionals, and campaigners has not slackened the demand for top energy drink brands like Monster, Red Bull, and Rockstar. The energy drinks market has organically taken off over the…

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