Hold the Pancakes—Maple Water is On the Rise and It’s Not What You Think

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The unknowing consumer might think maple water is a sweet treat in the guise of a health food, but don’t go expecting sugary bliss from this drink.

One guinea pig from the Toronto Star called maple water “maple in its purest form,” and that’s exactly what it is. While maple syrup is highly concentrated—it takes about 40 liters of sap to make one liter of syrup—maple water is simply the sap extracted from the tree. It’s composed of between 95%-98% water and is a natural source of hydration and nutrients.

According to a new report from Technavio, the value of the global maple water market is going to more than triple from 2015 to 2020, eventually reaching a total value of $994.1 million in 2020.

At this point, the main driver behind this growth is the purported health benefits of maple water. According to SEVA, one of the top market vendors, 100% pure maple water has “46 bioactive nutrients, including phytonutrients unique to tree waters.”

These nutrients boost immune health, prevent degenerative diseases, work as a prebiotic to improve digestion.

It’s early days yet for coconut water, and not many health professionals have weighed in on whether the claims made by vendors are accurate, so it’s always good to take these claims with a grain of salt. However, on the market side of things, the next five years look like smooth sailing for maple water.

Want to get in on the maple water craze early? Check out Technavio’s top vendors

Our analysts have identified six of the top vendors currently operating in the global maple water market.

Eau D’érable Pure Oviva

The company manufactures maple water products. It offers its products through various retails stores such as Metro, Igro, and Avril. The company has received an NAPSI certification for its products and offers maple sap water with no preservative, antibiotics, and pesticides.

In May 2013, Eau D’érable Pure Oviva launched its pure maple Oviva water products in the market.

SEVA Maple Water

SEVA Maple Water is tapped directly from the majestic sugar maple trees of Quebec’s Laurentian Forest. With no added water, sugar or preservatives, the only ingredient in SEVA Maple Water is: 100% pure Canadian organic maple sap.

SEVA Maple Water is eco-friendly, certified organic and NAPSI Certified, guaranteeing its authenticity and purity among other high standards. The company will launch the very first organic maple sap in the market this spring, alongside the first grab and go 330ml package in Canada. SEVA is currently available at retailers across Canada, in the United States at Whole Foods Market (Southern California, Arizona, Southern Nevada and Hawaii), and in Europe and Asia Pacific.


Citadelle is a cooperative maple syrup manufacturer.

The Cooperative is committed to fairness in its dealings with members and customers. It is committed to the pursuit of excellence in the production, transformation and promotion with a view to global marketing of products of the very highest quality. With a view to sustainable development, it values the expertise of its people, its capacity for innovation and respect for the environment in all its pursuits.

Vertical Water

Based in New York City, Vertical Water is a product of Feronia Forests, an award-winning Certified B Corporation dedicated to conserving American forestland. With Vertical Water, the idea is simple: by sharing the water from maple trees, forest owners have a financially viable reason for keeping their trees vertical. 


DRINKmaple pure maple water is the sap that comes straight from maple trees. It is a natural hydration that boasts a subtle hint of maple flavor. Containing 46 naturally occurring

vitamins, minerals, polyphenols, antioxidants and prebiotics, this refreshing beverage is naturally low in calories, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan and non-GMO. DRINKmaple is a pure form of hydration that contains more manganese than one cup of kale and is half of the sugar of coconut water.

Happy Tree

Launched in early 2014 by brothers Ari and Chaim Tolwin, Happy Tree is the innovator of the first cold pressed/HPP, organic raw maple water and is the leading brand in the fast growing maple water category in the U.S. Happy Tree is currently available at leading natural and specialty stores including Whole Foods Market, The Fresh Market, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage, Gelson’s, Bristol Farms and Fairway.