Sports Analytics : The Fundamentals to Building a Popular Sports Brand

sports analytics

Sports analytics is a tool that provides information about fans and their social sentiments toward a particular sports team and its players. Well-managed data affords a unified view of individual players within the team by combining game, training, and injury data scattered across organizations and time. Managers and players can discuss performance and corrective measures on a mobile platform with the help of sports analytics.

Revenue in the global sports analytics market is expected to grow significantly during the forthcoming five-year period. Substantial growth is being recorded in the global sports market with rising competition to host international sports events, sponsorships, and secure media rights. The bonhomie is expected to flow into the sports analytics market as well.

What’s the need for well-managed data in sports?
  • Transparent access to statistics.
  • The ability to combine, de-duplicate and enhance raw data.
  • A single marketing repository to select and cater to specific fans.
  • Automatically build and refresh a fan repository using a metadata database – with integrated data quality running natively on all platforms.
Win over the crucial competitive advantage with sports analytics

With time, professional sports have become extremely competitive, with the difference between winning and losing boiling down to mere trickles of time or distance. Vendors provide analytics tools to enhance the performance of the team or individual through a scientific analysis of various parameters, instead of basing play decisions on instincts alone.

Zebra Technologies manufactures RFID tags that are attached to players to track their movements, distance, and speed. The demand for such data is extremely high. European clubs such as Real Madrid and Chelsea have made use of player tracking systems such as analytics software and the IP (Internet Protocol) camera networks to great effect. In February 2016, IBM announced the launch of ‘Sports Insights Central’, a proprietary analytics tool that studies player performance about cognitive functions to enable better talent evaluation and acquisition for sports teams.

Supply meets Demand: Analytics is fast becoming an indispensable part of modern sports

Individual player analysis was a profitable segment in 2016 and will continue its dominance over the next five years. This constitutes player analysis in individual sports as well as in team sports. Alternatively, team performance analysis is another fast-growing segment that is fueled by the rising interest of audiences in in-depth analysis of team performances in sports such as soccer, cricket, and basketball. Health assessment is done at every level of sports. However, this segment has seen minimal innovation, due to which its growth rate has been relatively stagnant. The fastest-growing segment in the market is fan engagement analysis. As sports franchises move on from just being a team to a global brand one of the important metrics to measure their popularity is fan engagement.

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