Go Hi-Tech This Halloween With the Smart Lighting Systems

smart lighting halloween

When it comes to Halloween, nothing provides the spooky element as efficiently as the lighting systems. An essential part of every Halloween decoration, major names in the lighting industry usually come up with special product offerings during this particular festival season. If we analyze from an industry point of view, one fact which stands out is the abrupt manner in which the smart lighting systems have made inroads in the Halloween celebrations throughout the globe.

Smart lights, home automation systems, and hi-tech Halloween

One major change in Halloween celebration over the past one decade is the way in which technologies like IoT, and wireless lighting techniques, have turned the ghouls and goblins scarier.

Home automation systems, once seen as a luxury, have emerged as one of the most cost-effective, convenient, and easy to implement way of lighting up one’s premises. Industry experts see smart lights as forbearers of paradigm change in the lighting as well as the electronics industry. Especially with the sharp decline in the ASP of LED bulbs, and the introduction of voice control feature in the smart home lighting products – this is one industry which is all set to change the energy consumption pattern in most urban areas across the globe.

Similarly, developments in the RF technologies have further encouraged the adoption of wireless lighting techniques. Lighting systems, thus, have emerged as one of the fastest growing industries attracting immense investments. The vendors are making most of every business opportunity to canvas how smart lights can add the much-needed edge to special occasions and celebrations.

Some of the best examples of hi-tech celebration of Halloween are products like:

  1. Smart bulbs from Philips Hue
  2. Ambify
  3. Hue Halloween
  4. RGB LED Strips
  5. MusicBeam Virtual Laser

What makes these products so popular during Halloween is their easy operability and pocket-friendly costs. The visual effects of these products are sure to raise hairs just a little higher during Halloween.

According to our leading analysts, it is the dual benefit of great pricing along with energy efficiency which has raised the demand for smart lights even in regions where Halloween is not celebrated. For example, in the APAC region, the growing number of construction sites backed with the necessity to bring down energy consumption, has triggered the demand for home automation and smart home lighting. This region has also witnessed immense growth of IoT and SSL, which further explains the double-digit growth which the market is expected to experience in the next five years.

Our report on the global smart lighting systems gives an in-depth analysis on how this market will fare in the next five years.