Technavio in the Media: Influential Notes on AR Gaming, Smart Airports and Education Technology Feature Technavio’s Research

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The future is upon us, faster than we can comprehend at times. And, at Technavio, quantifying this progress in terms of predictive numbers and sound-offs is all part of the day’s work. Just last week, some of our research found its way into an assortment of influential online articles. Herein are a selection of those stories-

Apple’s ARKit and the Windfall from Augmented Reality Based Gaming

When it comes to pathbreaking technology, Apple, as a premium manufacturer and foremost disciple of tech evangelism, is in a league of its own. After releasing the latest iteration of its flagship operating system, iOS 11, the company launched a compatible alternate reality framework named ARKit. Apps that use ARKit have been downloaded more than 3 million times since iOS 11 was launched on September 19.

An interesting observation, one that Rayna Hollander from Business Insider found to indicate the growing popularity of AR based games, seeing that these specialized games are already ruling the charts as far as ARKit based app downloads are concerned. She quoted from Technavio’s recent market research report titled Global AR Gaming Market 2017-2021 that paints a positive picture for the AR gaming market through the next five years. Importantly, some of the contributing factors (including AR-enabled smartphones) that have been specifically mentioned in the report have been highlighted in this very insightful article.

Read the original article HERE, and download a free sample of the featured research report HERE.     

We saw it coming: Pollution free, solar powered LEDs to light up smart airports

As part of its market research report on the associated topic, Technavio had predicted the usage of solar powered LED lights for commercial airport lighting as an important market trend through 2017-2021. The main report about the global commercial airport lighting market did highlight other lighting based attributes of the highly ruminated ‘smart airport’ concept. All of these find suitable mention in an expertly compiled article that featured in Business Insider on October 17, 2017.

Read the original article HERE, and download a free sample of the featured research report HERE.    

Evolutionary technology is key to the booming online education market in the US

Technavio’s focus on the US education market was expertly channelized and presented by Meghan Bogardus Cortez in the influential edtechmagazine website. The premise was Technavio’s assertion that the online education market in the US will grow multifold in the next five years, thanks to the rapid and decisive advancements in education related technology. The author beefed up the article with additional inputs from leading industry sources to paint an inclusive picture that focuses on both the evolving technology and the logical pathways that will lead this technology to the intended milestones.

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