Top 10 Smoothie Market Trends to Watch In 2019

Smoothie market trends

Smoothies are no longer a niche segment of the ever-growing food and beverage industry. The sector has truly been a success story of the 21st century with the consistent evolution that includes the transition of latter from a drink for a workout to a dessert and now a quick on-the-go meal replacement option. Needless to say, the sector is dominating the global beverage industry, thanks to the growing consumers focusing on a healthy lifestyle and choosing a nutritional alternative for their food and beverages. Consequently, the global smoothie market is witnessing several innovations, in terms of new ingredients and types of smoothies. Below are the top 10 smoothie market trends that will dominate the industry in 2019.

Global Smoothie Market Trends and Analysis

The industry experts at Technavio has penned a comprehensive market research report that proves that the global smoothie market is growing at an impressive CAGR of nearly 9 % by 2022 and is expected continue to grow during the forecast period. As per the market analysts, the industry is growing rapidly owing to the increasing number of consumers demanding healthier alternatives for food and beverage. The health-conscious consumers in developed countries prefer fruit-based smoothies over other categories of smoothies. Hence, the fruit-based smoothies segment accounts for the largest share of the global smoothie market.

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Top 10 Smoothie Market Trends to Watch In 2019

1.    ‘Organic’ is everywhere

Organic is the all the rage these days for every food and beverage we consume and is no exception to smoothies. Consumers are increasingly concerned about the quality and origin of fruits and vegetables used in the making of smoothies. Organic smoothies are made from fresh vegetables and fruits that are not sprayed or ripened with harmful chemicals and pesticides. Organic smoothies are rich in minerals and antioxidants and hence, comes at a greater cost than regular juices and smoothies. One of the leading smoothie brands that offer organic smoothies is Dr. Smoothies. The other organic smoothie brands are B’more Organic, Odwalla, Simply Balanced, The Cold Press Organic Beverage, and GreenFix Organic Smoothie

2.    Disease prevention with gluten-free smoothies

The number of people diagnosed with celiac diseases is increasing at an unprecedented rate, driving the rising consumption of gluten-free foods. Indeed, the increase in the occurrence of weight management issues, and digestive health problems is triggering the demand for nutritious food and consequently driving the global smoothie market. Adding to the rising consumption of gluten-free food and beverages is the easy availability of these products across the world. Dr. Smoothie, Bolthouse Farms, and Maui Wowi Hawaiian Coffees and Smoothies are some of the leading gluten-free smoothie brands.

3.    Smoothies with spices and herbs

The smoothie market has gone through tremendous changes over the last few years and one of the booming trends that have emerged as a popular choice is the use of culinary herbs and spices in smoothies. Indeed, we are witnessing an increasing number of people using culinary herbs like rosemary, basil, cayenne, cilantro, fennel, or turmeric in smoothies and juices. The use of these herbs enhances smoothies with bolder flavors and spices are added to give a warm kick to cool concoctions. The trend is poised to boost the global smoothie market.

4.    A new meal replacement option

Smoothies are no more just a drink, they have now become one of the popular on-the-go meals that are replacing the cereal bowl at breakfast and salad at lunch.  Today, people across the world are demanding smoothies that are loaded with superfoods as meal replacements. Smoothies are also most preferred by consumers as a more convenient means for consuming vegetables and fruits rather than eating in the whole form. With the increasing emphasis on healthy eating habits, the trend of smoothies as meal replacements will continue to grow at a rapid pace in years to come.

5.    Smoothie Bowls are booming

Smoothie bowls have become the darling of the food Internet and are now one of the biggest smoothie market trends on Instagram. It contains superfood ingredients like flax seeds, chia seeds, goji berries, hemp protein, and others. Bowls are slightly thicker than regular smoothies and suitable as a meal replacement option. This new smoothie trend is most popular because it’s incredibly photogenic, decorated with colorful flowers, seed, fruits and other toppings that make it an attractive food. As they are healthy, delicious, nourishing and easily digestible, smoothie bowls are all set to be the most preferred food item for consumers worldwide.

6.    Customization is everything

Customization has become an essential part of the foodservice sector and it is one of the biggest smoothie trends worldwide. Build-Your-Own is an important driver for increased consumption of smoothies that are made fresh to cater to individual preferences. Popular add-ins in smoothies include protein, probiotics, vitamins, nuts, minerals, grains and seeds. Consequently, it is important for both up-starts and top smoothie brands to be aware of consumer taste preferences to customize their products accordingly.

7.    Colorful veggies

The consumption of fresh vegetables is increasing at a rapid pace, thanks to the growing awareness of the health benefits of vegetable products. Although kale and spinach have traditionally been the most popular ingredients in smoothies, consumers are opting for colorful vegetables such as pumpkins, beets, carrots, cabbages in their smoothies. Consequently, several smoothie brands are launching products with colorful vegetables. Smoothie King, one of the top smoothie companies recently launched Veggie Avocado Pineapple smoothie under its Veggie Blends line that features carrot and kale.

8.    Adult smoothies are going mainstream

The healthy and green smoothies that are an excellent source of protein can easily be turned into an adult beverage with just one added ingredient; alcohol. Smoothies that contain alcohol is growing in popularity across the world, mainly in the European nations. A blend of proteins, vegetables, and alcohol is all set to trigger the massive growth of the smoothie industry in coming years.

9.    Activated charcoal is buzzing

Activated charcoal is grabbing immense attention in the healthcare industry in the form of cubes, granules, powder, chewable tablets, facial pads, and pills. The ingredient now is being widely used in the food and beverage products including ice cream, smoothies, hamburger buns and more, all trending in social media. The charcoal smoothie is a sweet and creamy beverage that comes with its naturally detoxifying benefits. The use of charcoal in smoothies will grow more in demand in the next few years.

10.  Smoothies with health boosters

Over the past few years, the global smoothie market has witnessed a surge of smoothie market trends with health boosters such as superfoods, Acai, chia seeds, and protein that transforms the traditional smoothie products into functional supplements. These ingredients boost the immune system of the consumer and provides a wide range of health benefits. This, along with the aforementioned top 10 smoothie trends is all poised to transform the smoothie industry and trigger the growth in future.