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The Growing Preference for Sports Tourism : Top 5 Trends

In 2018, sports tourism is set to emerge as a massively lucrative component of the global tourism market. And, where there is money, there will be competition. Vendors who are looking to consolidate their standing in the global sports tourism market will benefit from the following trends. These top-5 market trends will realign sports tourism to sync with the…

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This Week in the News : Baseball, Social Analytics and an Uber Collaboration

Analytics is the new buzz word on the global digital platform. Be it in the retail business, financial sector, the healthcare industry, or something as far-fetched as the sports industry. Sports analytics for instance has emerged as a critical tool with which trainers, athletes, as well as sports lovers can get an in-depth analysis on…

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sports analytics

Sports Analytics : The Fundamentals to Building a Popular Sports Brand

Sports analytics is a tool that provides information about fans and their social sentiments toward a particular sports team and its players. Well-managed data affords a unified view of individual players within the team by combining game, training, and injury data scattered across organizations and time. Managers and players can discuss performance and corrective measures…

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