Looking for a Stay-at-Home Videographer? Robot Kuri to the Rescue

Home robots

Home robots are gradually becoming a common addition to our households. From helping us out in the everyday mundane activities, household robots have now graduated to being an integral part of our daily lives. One great example of home robots is Kuri. Developed by Mayfield Robotics, Kuri is a self-driving domestic robot equipped with cameras and speakers.

Kuri learns intuitively and is a quick learner 

Popularly known as the buddy bot, Kuri is roughly conical in shape and is equipped with an array of four-microphone and a built-in speaker. The four-directional microphone enables the robot to be an excellent listener and promptly respond to various voice commands. Highly mobile, Kuri cruises around the household effortlessly and quickly learns the home’s floor plan to understand where which room is located and where are the stairs placed. The sensors help Kuri from bumping into people, furniture or even falling off the steps. What makes Kuri an outstanding robot is the fact that it literally learns the rhythm of the household – right from your wake-up time, office timing, and the time you go to sleep.

But unlike other robots which usually communicate in human language, Kuri communicates in robot language. Which means it either beeps, or bloops, and uses its emotive eyes to communicate. This feature has been deliberately added to the robot, as human voice usually caused a lot of confusion and was regarded as creepy by many users. Along with this, Kuri can also handle multiple indoor surfaces – like the bare floor, carpets, rugs, etc.

Kuri’s flawless videography skills is its primary USP

The 1080p HD camera integrated into the home robot enables capturing and streaming of high-quality images and videos. Also known as Kuri vision, the camera turns the robot into a family videographer and captures those candid moments which will surely be treasured by you and your family. It has facial recognition, pet detection, and mobility features which go a long way in capturing rare moments in our day to day lives.

The images and videos taken by Kuri can be reviewed through the app which runs on both Android and the iOS platforms. Based on the images and videos deleted by you, the home robot understands your preferences and takes videos accordingly in the future.

Robotics is one area which is witnessing great number of innovations and investments. Right from industrial robots, autonomous mobile robots, and educational robots – this is one industry which is flourishing at an enormous pace. Home robots too are gradually gaining a lot of acceptance. Our industry analysts keep track of all the latest developments in the area of robotics and bring you an in-depth understanding of the industry.