Soft robotics

5 Soft Robotics Innovations Breaking New Ground in the Robotics Industry

Soft Robotics has been developing many diverse and flexible technologies in recent years. When creating and using robots, we’re generally trying to achieve things that humans (and other creatures) can’t do on their own, or to find ways of doing those things more efficiently. However, scientists are learning that there are many things organic beings…

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types of industrial robots

6 Major Types of Industrial Robots Used in the Global Manufacturing 2018

Owing to rapid technological advancements in robotics and automation, the manufacturing sector has witnessed an increased adoption of robotics engineering and technology into its production processes. Industrial robots are being used to perform tasks with high precision and repeatability resulting in products of higher quality. The ability of industrial robots to work continuously without taking…

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Top 10 Drone Manufacturers in the Global Commercial Drone Industry – Flying High in a Competitive Business

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), have forged ahead in just a few years from something associated solely with the military to being widely adopted for commercial use. With a wide range of applications in several areas including police surveillance, fire mapping, disaster monitoring, and real estate photography, the UAVs and drones have become well known for…

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Applications of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence: The Solution to a Host of Industry Challenges

One of the major catalysts of the fourth industrial revolution will be Artificial Intelligence (AI). Indeed, AI is all the rage these days, from self-driving cars to chatbots to smartphone based personal assistants and email scheduling applications that promise to take routine tasks out of human hands. Whether it is by chipmakers, tech conglomerates, software…

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Interactive Robots

Top 5 Ways in Which Robotics Has Changed our Lives

Machines have been a significant part of human reality for a long time. However, it was the industrial revolution that marked a major breakthrough in the adoption of automated machines or robots. Since the introduction of robotics, work has been significantly shared between man and machine. And, as robots become more technologically advanced and autonomous,…

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Global Waste Sorting Robots Market

Recycle, Reuse, Reduce, Made Easy with AI Powered Robotics

Getting rid of accumulating waste has become a major challenge for the society today, thereby affecting the safety and sustainability of the ecosystem. The current solution- garbage is either incinerated or stacked in different places, causing harm to the environment and the people. The traditional methods used to process waste not only increases the chances…

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robot welding

Vision Guided Robotics : Innovation Meets Precision to Power Industrial Revolution 4.0

As the rise of automated machines and smart processing systems usher us into the fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), the tasks being performed by robots on the production line are becoming more complex. Using vision guided robots (VGR) helps streamline the routine tasks performed by machines with high mobility in their movement without compromising precision and…

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