Gaming Laptop Market Looks to E-Sport Events for Redemption

Gaming Laptop

Online gaming, role playing games and the time tested first person shooters are classics that built the audience for brisk paced and strategic computer games. To enjoy the wide range of experiences afforded by these games however, a fully equipped gaming laptop is the basic prerequisite. These differ from the conventional laptops thanks to the tweaks that aid in intense, non-laggy gaming.

With the millennials firmly aboard, gaming laptop manufacturers have the assurance of a dedicated fandom, highly invested in a market that is constantly scaling and raising the bar with regards to what is possible. The advent of highly engaging computer games, from some of the top technological companies on the planet, has also aided the cause of the global gaming laptop market.

Going pro : Gaming laptops find real opportunity in professional e-sports

Today, being an online gamer is a legit career choice with high stake gaming tournaments dishing out competitive money to the winners in an actual, sports tournament like setup. The refinement of the technologies involved have ensured that popular game titles are eagerly sought after and every iteration of a particular game is met with insane devotion and excitement.

As a vendor, a manufacturer of gaming laptops, this is wonderful news. However, while the audience is assured, the competition too is intensely rampant. At the global level, such names as Acer, ASUS, MSI, and ORIGIN PC rule the roost while industry bigwigs Alienware and HP offer great value for money and are abundantly available. The onus to crack this market is the offer of great value at a competitive price point.

The future, or at least the next five years, for the gaming laptop industry will be dictated by the ever-growing popularity of e-sports, tournaments that mimic the feel of the actual sporting tournaments and affords the casual viewer the chance to experience real-life gaming. Venture capitalists are already impressed with the possibilities, and per the market research report from Technavio, will invest heavily in this concept in the coming future. This will positively impact the sale of gaming laptops and associated peripherals.

Innovation, mixed with a healthy mix of market insights, begets productivity

As can be gleaned by now, the global gaming laptop market is intensely competitive and is spearheaded by big name players who spend heavily on research and innovation. These compete on the following parameters- performance, innovation, product features, product quality, low cost, selling price, and financial stability. Additionally, vendors are now investing on designing, planning, developing, branding, expanding existing facilities, and acquiring new players in the market.

To achieve productivity in such a competitive market, the vendor must indulge in the development of new ideas and technologies, undercutting the competition where possible by offering amazing value in terms of the price, technology, robustness and relevance in terms of easy upgrades and scalable features.

Also, the vendor must keep a keen watch on the market conditions and look out for emerging trends that might not be happening only in the gaming laptop vertical, but might also occur in the sphere of online gaming, applicable regulations or the emergence of new gaming peripherals. Market insights do go a long way in helping build brand recognition and recruit a loyal subscriber base.