online gaming

The Game is on! Here are the Top 15 Online Gaming Companies

Online gaming has emerged as one of the most lucrative businesses in the entertainment industry. The transition from consoles to digital platforms has resulted in the building of the industry’s first fund dedicated to gaming – GAMR. Here are the top 15 online gaming companies responsible for bringing the industry “in the midst of a…

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Online Gambling Industry

How Is the Online Gambling Industry Making Room for the Next Unicorn Company?

‘The house always wins’ is the first axiom of gambling. Games of chance, monetary stakes and the sheer adrenaline rush have always fascinated those that were inclined to wager something of value, usually money, on the outcome of a specified event and hoping for a massive payoff. Today, thanks to the online gambling industry, this…

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Gaming Laptop

Gaming Laptop Market Looks to E-Sport Events for Redemption

Online gaming, role playing games and the time tested first person shooters are classics that built the audience for brisk paced and strategic computer games. To enjoy the wide range of experiences afforded by these games however, a fully equipped gaming laptop is the basic prerequisite. These differ from the conventional laptops thanks to the…

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