Disposable Undergarments: A Boon to the Growing Older Population

Disposable undergarments

Disposable undergarments are perhaps one of the best things to happen in recent times. Not just because it makes traveling easy; rather the reason is that these undergarments provide extra comfort to its users. Disposable undergarments are regarded as one of the best solutions for urinary incontinence, as it has made life easier for not only for the older population but for everyone who suffers from this health condition.

Why have disposable undergarments gained so much popularity?

Our researchers expect the global market for disposable undergarments to grow at a moderate pace in the next five years. Analysts believe that the growth in disposable income along with applications of these garments in various industries are the two major reasons behind their rising popularity. For instance, apart from being used in nursing homes and hospitals, disposable undergarments are now widely being used by military troops. Usually, military troops have to travel on difficult terrains, making it difficult to have access to washing facilities. Disposable garments help them overcome this problem. Similarly, many prefer using these garments for traveling, as it eliminates the need for repacking of dirty underwear and also saves the cost of hotel laundry services.

Also, these days disposable undergarments have become so mainstream that their adoption rate has automatically gone high. Since most people are no longer embarrassed about discussing their urinary leakage issues, it has become easier for manufacturers to reach out to the target audience. The growth of e-commerce has also helped this industry by making such products easily accessible to the consumers. Those few who are still reluctant about buying or finding out about disposable garments, can now easily get the details on online platforms. With the availability of a large range of disposable undergarment products to choose from, consumers find it more convenient to use these undergarments on a day to day basis.

Recently, the major vendors of disposable undergarments have also resorted to technology to make their product more user-friendly. 3D printing is one such technology that is being aggressively used by manufacturers. With this technology, manufacturers have improved the overall personalization capacity of their products. For instance, with 3D printing technology, manufacturers can easily produce biodegradable undergarments, which not only have a cleaner finish but are also resistant to fatigue. According to our market analysts in the healthcare sector, 3D printing is one of the most disruptive technologies, which is sure to boost the production and popularity of the disposable undergarments.

Disposable undergarments and the older population

The population of the older generation is increasing throughout the globe, especially in countries like Japan, South Korea, Germany, and the US – where the health facilities are good. Now, it is a known fact that this segment of the population is prone to several chronic diseases which limit their ability to take care of their everyday needs. Urinary incontinence is one such condition that is quite common among this age group. According to the National Association of Incontinence, in the US alone, over 15 million women suffer from this condition.

In fact, when seen from the global level, the market for adult incontinence has grown by more than 40% in the past five years. Needless to say, the huge incidence of urinary incontinence has, in turn, boosted the market for disposable undergarments as well. Unlike nappies and traditional pads, disposable undergarments are not only functional but also provide comfort, are easy to use and dispose of, and extremely affordable. This explains its growing popularity among the older population.

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