courier management software

Courier Management Software : Will the Challenges Block the Market’s Growth?

E-commerce, as an industry, has encouraged several ancillary businesses as well. The courier service industry is one such sector which has witnessed immense growth post the e-commerce boom. As the volume of deliveries rose, the need for courier management software also emerged. It is in this context that major courier companies resorted to courier delivery…

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Innovative Logistics

Innovative Logistics is the Key to Boosting E-commerce Business

Though not as discussed as e-commerce businesses, e-commerce logistics is one of the critical aspects of every online business. In an era when quick delivery of good and services is the basic requirement to gain customer loyalty, it is critical that the logistics part be given paramount importance in strategy building and business planning. Benefits…

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Gems and Jewelry : From Adornment to Fighting Inflation

Gone are the times when gemstones and jewelry were associated with just adornments and symbolized social status. With its existence since the time of civilization, jewelry has undoubtedly undergone a massive transformation in terms of its design, and the actual usage. Now the jewelry manufacturers amend its design patterns according to the changing consumer fashion…

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What Gets Measured, Gets Managed: The Global RFID Market in 2017-2021

The rising adoption of automation by diverse industries and the growing concern towards safety, security, minimization of defects, asset control and tracking for proper management of business operations has led to the growing implementation of RFID (Radio frequency identification) automated systems in various firms. RFID systems are used for various applications globally. These applications are…

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Disposable undergarments

Disposable Undergarments: A Boon to the Growing Older Population

Disposable undergarments are perhaps one of the best things to happen in recent times. Not just because it makes traveling easy; rather the reason is that these undergarments provide extra comfort to its users. Disposable undergarments are regarded as one of the best solutions for urinary incontinence, as it has made life easier for not…

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