digital health

Digital Health: The Future of Healthcare is Already Here

The prospect that digital health technology is essential to making  care convenient has pushed the stakeholders in the health industry to collaborate with technology developers. Portable diagnostic equipment, telemedicine tools, mobile healthcare apps, data-driven software – these are a few popular digital tools that  have changed the mechanics of healthcare delivery. Read: Future of Health…

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Future of Health Care Services is Definitely Connected

In the global medical scene, data, has never been bestowed the importance that it richly deserves. However, with the convergence of the digital, financial, and medical worlds on the same platform, the definition of health care services has taken a new dimension – “beyond the product.” A seamless reimbursement process, backed with cost-effective delivery of…

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3d printing technology

#TechTuesday: Automotive Industry Makes the Impact With 3D Printers

Three years back, with the launch of Strati – the first 3D printed car, the automotive industry had burst into celebrations. Being one of the biggest, and undoubtedly one of the most competitive markets in the world, the automotive industry is constantly looking for innovations. And, when Local Motors launched Strati, it opened doors for…

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Disposable undergarments

Disposable Undergarments: A Boon to the Growing Older Population

Disposable undergarments are perhaps one of the best things to happen in recent times. Not just because it makes traveling easy; rather the reason is that these undergarments provide extra comfort to its users. Disposable undergarments are regarded as one of the best solutions for urinary incontinence, as it has made life easier for not…

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