Top 10 Suppliers for Collection Agency Services

credit collection

Credit is the lifeline of several businesses. In fact, credit makes money flow easier in the economy. At the same time, debt recovery is one major challenge, which businesses face on a daily basis.  It is in this context that credit collection agencies have emerged as a full-fledged industry in itself. Typically, there are three types of credit collection agencies:

  1. First-party agency
  2. Third-party agency
  3. Debt buyers

While the first-party agencies are usually a part of the original lending organizations, creditors contract the third-party agencies to collect debts on their behalf. Debt buyers purchase AR (accounts receivable) from the creditors for a percentage of the outstanding value and pursue debtors for the recovery of outstanding amounts.

What factors spur the growth of the credit collection market

According to our procurement analysts, the credit collection market will grow at a CAGR of 15% in the next five years. A 15% CAGR, no doubt is a big number, and this raises the question as to what are the factors behind the significant growth of this industry. Category managers are of the view that relaxation in lending policies in almost all major countries of the world is one major factor behind the increasing demand for credit collection services. Along with this, there has been a rise in the retail debt and delinquency rates across the globe.

Leading suppliers for collection services in the global market

The top suppliers for credit collection services, as identified by procurement specialists at Technavio are:

Capita Asset Services

A division of Capita Plc, Capita Asset Services is the UK’s leading provider of business process management and integrated professional support solutions. Debt solutions, information technology, property & infrastructure, and legal services are some of the key services provided by the company.


Alorica provides its on-shore and off-shore services in the US,Central and South America, as well as in Philippines. Through its omni-channel capabilities, the company provides customer care and support services to clients in the automotive, retail and e-commerce, energy and utilities, healthcare and insurance, technology, media and communications, travel and hospitality, and financial services sectors.


Headquartered in France, Teleperformance is one of the leaders in the outsourced omni-channel customer experience management. Along with credit collection, analytics solutions, back-office support services, and technical support are some of the major services provided by the company. In August 2016, the company was recognized as one of the 25 best multinational workplaces in Latin America by the Great Places to Work Institute.


Convergys is one of the leading providers of credit collection services. The multinational provides omni-channel contact center technology solutions such as multi-channel interaction solutions, cross-channel integration framework, real-time decision engines, and personalized care solutions. Some of its major services are revenue generation and retention, credit collection, technical support, and customer care.


A German-based company, Arvato is a leading business solution provider. In 2016, the company helped Sefton Metropolitan Borough Council achieve a top rank in revenue collection through a collaborative partnership. Digital marketing, financial services, credit collections, cyber security, supply chain management and data analytics are some of Arvatto’s most sought-after services.

Transworld Systems

An industry leader in delinquency and cash flow management, Transworld Systems is based in California. In the year 2014, the company collaborated with MediTouch to deliver a seamless integrated receivables management system in healthcare practices. Loan servicing, AR management, collections, and analytics are some of the major services provided by Transworld Systems.

Lowell Group

Lowell Financing PLC is UK’s largest debt purchasing and collections business. Through its customer-centric approach, the company offers debtors practical, affordable, and personalized payment plans. Third-party collection, receivables management, debt purchasing, and data analytics are some of the key services provided by the company.


Atento is one of the largest providers of CRM/BPO services in Latin America. In the year 2016, the company was recognized as the Best Customer Service Experience in energy and citizen services at the Platinum Contact Center Awards. Atento provides business support services for clients in the telecommunications, healthcare, technology, retail, e-commerce, hospitality and tourism, banking, financial and insurance services, and pharmaceutical industries. Apart from credit collections, sales and customer support services are some of the most sought-after services of the company.

Wescot Credit Services

Authorized and regulated by FCA, Wescot is a market leader in providing commercial collection services. It is one of the major suppliers in the UK.  Retail finance collection, along with banking and utility collection are some of the key services provided by the company.

Moorcroft Debt Recovery

Moorcroft is an ISO 9001 (Quality management) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) certified company. Based in the UK, the company provides effective debt recovery solutions, client support, litigations, and debt purchase services. Recently, Seattle WA Modern Systems integrated its software with Moorcroft’s debt management application to increase flexibility, productivity, and visibility into the company, and generated annual savings of up to USD 300,000.

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