halal cosmetics

Halal Cosmetics is Booming with Rising Demand for Natural Products

Organic, vegan and eco-friendly have all become the most common terms in the personal care and cosmetic industry, but halal is the latest and emerging trend. Not so long ago, the word ‘halal’ meant an activity permissible to undertake or the food that was safe to eat. However, in today’s increasingly ethical and ecologically conscious…

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Halal cosmetics

Responsible, Popular and Profitable, Halal Cosmetics are Ushering in the Next Revolution in the Beauty Products Industry

With the evolution of a collective eco-ethical consciousness amongst consumers, ‘vegan’ and ‘organic’ labels on cosmetic packaging are ubiquitous. However, there is a third label that’s not quite green yet is becoming a common sight – ‘halal.’ An Arabic term which implies that said cosmetic or food products have been manufactured in line with and…

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