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Top 10 Largest Smartphone Companies in the World 2019

With the continuous digital literacy and technological advancements across the globe, innovations including smartphones have been gaining traction in the market considerably in the recent years. Furthermore, with the emergence of some of the largest smartphone companies offering products with advanced features including multiple SIMS and high-speed processors. Smart phone market players have been engaging…

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Global Mobile Biometrics Market 2017-2021

Smartphone Security : Mobile Biometric Authentication is Negating Online Security Threats, And Ushering In a New Industry

Passwords and pins are so passé. Cyber hackers are crafty, and bypassing one measly password is not much of a challenge for them. Couple this with the rising instances of identity and data theft, increasing use of personal devices for financial transactions and growing employee mobility, and we have the perfect recipe for online disasters. Plausibly,…

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Global 4G Devices Market 2017-2021

With 5G in the Works, are 4G’s Days as the Premium Communications Technology Numbered?

With the high proliferation of smartphones and tablets in all nook and corners of the world, the need for fast, reliable and scalable mobile communication networks is immense today. Fortunately, a number of big name telecommunication companies and smartphone brands are working on this problem, and seeking to bring in innovative new communication technologies that…

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