Truck driver shortage

Is America’s Trucking Industry Facing a Driver Shortage?

In November of last year, the American Trucking Association (ATA) listed truck driver shortage as the number one issue for the industry for the third year in a row. The organization estimates that the industry is currently short 60,000 drivers, and may face a shortfall of 100,000 in the next five years. Large truckload carriers…

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logistics trends

Top 10 Logistics Trends Transforming the Global Logistics Market in 2019

With the emergence of e-commerce and rising digital literacy among the consumers, the global logistics industry has been changing significantly in the recent years.  Factors such as rising disposable incomes, dual-income households, and constant urbanization have encouraged consumers across both developed and emerging economies to follow upcoming logistics trends. This has further resulted in the rapid development…

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Logistics companies

Top 5 Logistics Companies in the World 2019

As digitization takes over the world and customer expectations evolve, the transportation and logistics industry is reacting in kind and growing exponentially. New technologies, collaborative operating models and enhanced scalability have outlined this lucrative industry. While the doors remain open for emerging competition, big logistics companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx and C.H. Robinson, still rule…

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courier management software

Courier Management Software : Will the Challenges Block the Market’s Growth?

E-commerce, as an industry, has encouraged several ancillary businesses as well. The courier service industry is one such sector which has witnessed immense growth post the e-commerce boom. As the volume of deliveries rose, the need for courier management software also emerged. It is in this context that major courier companies resorted to courier delivery…

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Innovative Logistics

Innovative Logistics is the Key to Boosting E-commerce Business

Though not as discussed as e-commerce businesses, e-commerce logistics is one of the critical aspects of every online business. In an era when quick delivery of good and services is the basic requirement to gain customer loyalty, it is critical that the logistics part be given paramount importance in strategy building and business planning. Benefits…

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Agriculture M2M : Elevating Agri-business to New Heights

As the world population, and the associated global consumption of food are both rising at an unprecedented pace, the resultant pressure on farmers to match the demand is undoubtedly a major concern in the agriculture industry. So, how can farmers boost the productivity? While the agriculturalists continue to feed the world, a wide range of…

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healthcare logistics

Healthcare Logistics – Prescribing Stable Productivity to Chaotic Supply Chains

The hospital’s triage, operating room scheduling, and emergency medical services in healthcare industry act as regular roadblocks that demand precise planning with regards to logistics and operations research. Healthcare is one of the largest growing industries that employs optimization tools. The healthcare industry enlists the help of logistics to manage the way resources are stored, acquired…

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Packing it Responsibly – Green Packaging Market Set to Flourish in 2017-21

What makes a product stand out from the rest? Easy availability, value for money, and undoubtedly good quality are clearly the three vital things which every buyer looks for. With improvements and innovations in transportation and logistics sector, several manufacturers are now able to expand their client base across the globe. And one small detail…

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