Top 5 Logistics Companies in the World 2019

Logistics companies

As digitization takes over the world and customer expectations evolve, the transportation and logistics industry is reacting in kind and growing exponentially. New technologies, collaborative operating models and enhanced scalability have outlined this lucrative industry. While the doors remain open for emerging competition, big logistics companies like DHL, UPS, FedEx and C.H. Robinson, still rule the roost. And, per our latest report addressing this market, the situation isn’t changing much in 2019.


Top 5 logistics companies in the world for 2018



With a presence in more than 220 countries and revenue of 70 billion last year, DHL is undoubtedly a giant amongst logistics companies today. DHL is a subsidiary of Germany’s Deutsche Post that offers expertise in air, ocean freight, overland transport, express, international mail services and contract logistics solutions. DHL has aggressively expanded its business in countries that could not be served by any other delivery service, including the Eastern Bloc, Soviet Union, Iran, Iraq, China, Vietnam, and North Korea.

Although best known for being the world’s largest package delivery brand, UPS offers a wide range of logistic solutions that are challenging several established logistics companies present in the market. The global infrastructure of UPS’s logistic solutions span over 1,000 locations in more than 120 countries. Combine that with the company’s bleeding-edge IT systems, dedicated in-house logistics expertise, and unwavering focus on operational excellence, and UPS emerges as a serious contender indeed.

FedEx_logoFedEx Supply Chain, formerly known as Genco, provides solutions that start with the assembling of parts and extends all the way to post-sale replacements and repair of finished products. FedEx continues to dominate the global logistics market to a large degree. Through its Critical Inventory Logistics solution, FedEx offers what an increasing number of today’s high-tech, medical devices, life sciences, and avionics companies say they need: supply chain solutions that not only ensure the timely movement of finished products but also allow them to manage time, cost and their consumer’s service expectations.


XPO Logistics is one of the largest providers of cutting-edge supply chain solutions to leading brands around the world. The company’s logistics segment delivers contract logistics services, including reverse logistics, warehousing and distribution, freight bill audit and payment, alongside supply chain optimization for its clients. Since 2012, XPO Logistics has acquired 18 companies, the most recent being Con-way. The company’s aggressive buying strategy demonstrates its intention to become a world-leading logistics company that manages supply chains from A-to-Z.


After years of impressive yet silent growth, plagued by aggressive competition (especially from the new entrant, XPO Logistics), C.H. Robinson has persisted and is now finally finding its mark. The company has taken several steps in the last couple of years to establish its dominance, and improve profitability. C.H. Robinson handles more than 18 million shipments per year for its 110,000+ customers that include companies in the manufacturing, food and beverage and retail industries. While the company is bringing up the rear in our list, it’s superbly poised to enjoy a profitable 2018.