Smart packaging

3 Smart Packaging Innovations Making Waves in the Logistics Industry

For many consumers and businesses, packaging can be an afterthought. It’s the stuff that’s removed and thrown away after goods are delivered. But it’s essential to both retailers and individuals – it keeps food safe, gets stock to its destination, and sees the ever-increasing number of online purchases safely to consumers. Oftentimes companies use simple…

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Flexible Packaging for food and beverages

Flexible packaging: Key Contributor to Brand Value in the Food & Beverages Industry

In a recent, high profile industry survey, 80% of the brand owners agreed that packaging has a major impact on brand value. Packaging has traditionally been a crucial differentiator, a medium to impress and drive home the ‘customer first’ sentiment. In 2018, the discipline of flexible packaging has emerged as an indispensable resource, especially in…

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Packing it Responsibly – Green Packaging Market Set to Flourish in 2017-21

What makes a product stand out from the rest? Easy availability, value for money, and undoubtedly good quality are clearly the three vital things which every buyer looks for. With improvements and innovations in transportation and logistics sector, several manufacturers are now able to expand their client base across the globe. And one small detail…

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