Internet security

A New Twist to the Petya Story : Not for Profit, but Targeted Destruction

With WannaCry leaving over 100 countries weeping, cybercrime has emerged as one of the major global threats of the year. Even the World Economic Forum (WEF) has recognized data theft, misuse of emerging technologies, and cyber-attacks as pressing issues which need immediate attention. Internet security has thus emerged as a full-grown market to help businesses,…

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Fast-casual Restaurants

Build Your-Own-Meal: The Flourishing Global Fast-Casual Restaurants Market

The increase in health consciousness has pushed the demand for fast-casual restaurants. A fast-casual restaurant is a combination of quick service and casual-dining restaurants and it is a fresh and rapidly growing concept, especially in the developed markets. They are characterized by fast food cuisines with high quality of food, minimal or no table service,…

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