Electric vehicle industry

South Korea’s Plan to Boost Its Electric Vehicle Industry

The South Korean government has set high goals for its electric vehicle industry over the next ten years, and is making heavy investments in both the vehicles themselves and in the infrastructure necessary to support them. The government announced late last year that it would be providing the equivalent of about $900 million in subsidies for…

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ride hailing services

Ride Hailing Services Market: Electric Vehicles are Leading to the Future

The popularity of ride hailing services continues to boom across the globe because it is a convenient, comfortable, and safe solution for door-to-door transportation. Another industry trending with a similar popularity trajectory is the global electric vehicle market. With many world’s leading car manufacturers launching their all-electric vehicles, as well as the growing environmental concerns…

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Electric Vehicle Battery

Innovation is the Key to Electric Vehicle Battery Market Growth

The global electric vehicle battery market is experiencing a strong and steady growth, primarily driven by the boom of global hybrids and electric vehicle market over the recent years. In order to further compete with conventional petrol or diesel engine cars in today’s automotive industry, the development of electric vehicle battery technologies has been focusing…

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How is Vehicle to Grid Technology Powering the EV Revolution?

The global vehicle to grid market is locked in a highly beneficial symbiotic relationship with the electric vehicle (EV) revolution. In 2018, the market for electric vehicles is finally amassing the mainstream appeal that is critical for the success of any revolutionary business concept. However, underneath it all is another groundbreaking technology at play: vehicle…

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