Zipping Through the Road: Top 7 Global Electric Vehicles of 2018


Electric vehicles (EVs) have emerged as a one-stop solution for most of the modern automotive problems. With increased demand and interest in the EVs, there has been a renewed focus on production of electric cars. Here is a list of major players leading the EV market.

1. Renault-Nissan

Q1 Sales –  26,248 units

The French-Japanese alliance has been particularly beneficial for the EV market. With sales of Nissan Leaf outpacing Tesla’s Model S, Leaf has emerged as the best-selling electric car of 2018. Equipped with autonomous ProPilot technology, the EV has two battery options of 24kWh and 30kWh that have ranges of 199km and 249km.

This year, What Car? Named Renault’s Zoe, as the “Best Used Green Car”. The car has a range of up to 402km per full charge and a real-world range somewhat of 297km, depending upon temperature and climate control use.

2. Tesla

Q1 Sales –  20,142 units

Boasting a range of 310 miles and a speed of 140mph, Tesla’s Model S is a name synonymous to EV. The California-based company has played a major role in the mass adoption of electric cars, and topped Consumer Reports’ Annual Owner Satisfaction Survey at 91%. Tesla has also revolutionized the global trucking market with its sleek Semi Truck.


Q1 Sales – 10,903 units

A state-owned enterprise, BAIC has four EV vehicles. The biggest electric car maker of China, has successfully made inroads in the European market. Its E150 EV is powered by an electric engine with an output of 61hp and a 25.6kWh lithium-ion battery. It has a top speed of 125kmph, a range of 150km, and charging on 220V takes eight hours.

4. Zotye

Q1 Sales – 6,638 units

Inspired by the Tesla Model S, Zotye’s E30 EV has a central console system. Its electric motor provides up to 18kW of power, and the electric drive is built around a 17.6kWh battery. With a driving range of 150km, E30 has emerged as one of China’s best EVs. E20 EV is another electric vehicle produced by the Chinese automotive giant.

5. ZD

Q1 Sales – 5,824 units

From being among the ‘top 10 green brands’ in 2015, to producing the world’s first urban micro car – ZD has pushed the Chinese automotive industry on the global map. Zhidou – ZD’s all electric vehicle has a range of 160km, with a top speed of 80kmph and a 0-45km of eight seconds.

6. BMW

Q1 Sales – 3,662

Classified under ‘Project i’, the EVs from BMW have managed to gain huge traction in the market. From its i3 hatchback to the i8 hybrid sports car, the German automotive giant has ‘reinvented sustainable mobility’. With the EV’s mileage through a single charge being a major issue, BMW recently announced the establishment of a $240 million facility to boost the range of its electric car.

7. Chevrolet

Q1 Sales – 3,432

The American automobile company’s Spark EV and Bolt EV have been two best-selling electric cars. The Bolt EV, which has been developed and manufactured in partnership with LG Corporation, is a five-door, front-engine all electric sub-compact hatchback. Last year, the Bolt EV outsold Tesla cars for the first time in the U.S.