What would be the global Telecom IT spending in 2011?

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In order to remain competitive, Telecom service providers are required to manage complex network technologies and services. But which services do they usually spend on?
Application software, along with server hardware, and installation and maintenance services are usually the main sectors on which companies focus their IT spending in order to plan their strategy and manage business process such as customer service, billing, provisioning/inventory, network repair, workforce etc.
A report by TechNavioTM Insights states that The worldwide IT spending- including communication- in the Telecom sector was $253,214 million in 2008, and is estimated to reach $302,407 million by 2011
Further, one of TechNavioTM experts declares that in 2008, the total IT spending by Global telecom sector was 8.4 % (including communication). Out of this total, the maximum was spent in Communication segment followed by Hardware segment.
When it comes to the Asian, African, and Middle East Telecom markets, the panorama seems to be a favorable one as there have been some increases in their telecom revenues, providing opportunities for IT vendors to explore new markets.
According to TechNavioTM, in 2008, the revenues of the Asian Telecom companies grew by 8% as compared to the growth of 7.9% by the American Telecom companies. If you are interested in finding further forecasts for the coming years, you may want to have a look at the last TechNavio report ˜Global Telecom IT Spending-2008-2011™
For more information about this report please visit: https://www.technavio.com/content/global-telecom-it-spending-2008-2011