Robotics in Healthcare 2008-2012

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According to TechNavioTM, the worldwide market for Robotics in Healthcare is forecast to reach $10,634 million by 2012; with a growth rate expected to be more than 22 percent for 2009, and then gradually increase to 27 percent for 2012.
Robotics in Healthcare has still not been used to its maximum potential. So far, it is mainly being used for surgical purposes. Accuracy, smaller scars, less blood loss, and pain are some of the major advantages of using robots for surgery.
TechNavioTM Insights has recently published the report Robotics in Healthcare 2008-2012. Apart from presenting current and potential applications of Robotics in Healthcare, the report also provides information on market trends, forecasts, categorical and geographic segmentation, growth drivers, barriers, and even key vendors and conferences.
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