Water Scarcity to Propel the Adoption of Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions in Data Centers

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The global data center liquid immersion cooling market was valued at $110 million in 2015 and is expected to surpass $960 million by 2020, says Technavio.

Technavio has announced its latest market research report on data center liquid immersion cooling for the forecast period, 2016-2020. This market analysis, under the data center vertical, discusses the major drivers and key emerging trends that will influence the growth of the global data center liquid immersion cooling market during the forecast period. Some of the top vendors listed in this industry analysis include Allied Control, Asetek, CoolIT Systems, Green Revolution Cooling, Iceotope, LiquidCool Solutions, and Midas Green Technologies.

In terms of geographical analysis, the Americas is likely to continue its domination over the global market by accounting for a revenue of around $400 million by 2020. The US will emerge as the key revenue-generator.

 “Increase in carbon emission and high consumption of electricity through data centers worldwide is prompting enterprises to opt for the construction of green data centers. Green data centers help in the operation of energy efficient IT, power, and cooling infrastructure, thereby reducing the electricity consumption and carbon footprint. Some of the technologies implemented in such data centers include liquid immersion cooling, free cooling, and waste recycling,” says Abhishek Sharma, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on data center.

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The new industry research report from Technavio analyzes some of the key drivers and trends responsible for the growth of this market and its sub-segments.

Growing demand for data centers

The global demand for data centers is on the rise owing to the adoption of advanced technologies such as cloud-based services and big data analytics for operational business needs. Developed countries are the largest markets for data center operations. The rise in number of data centers is propelling the adoption of liquid immersion cooling solutions. In terms of data center construction, the market for liquid immersion cooling has a higher potential to grow in term of CAPEX and OPEX. Immersion cooling also aids in operating more equipment in less space and reduces power consumption and carbon emission. Immersion cooling is also suitable for current and future growth in rack density.

Reduction in power consumption by data centers

Growing dependency on electricity is prompting vendors in the market to focus on the reduction of power consumption in data centers. Traditional cooling solutions, which predominantly use air as a medium to cool IT infrastructures account for close to 36% of the overall power consumed in data centers, thereby increasing the OPEX of the facility. Liquid immersion cooling systems consume almost 90% less energy compared to traditional air-based CRAC systems.

Inclination toward immersion cooling due to water scarcity

Data centers are usually built in locations that have an abundant water supply. However, data centers are also required in locations that have inadequate water supply for present and future. In 2015, data centers in the US consumed around 650 billion liters of water approximately, and it is expected to grow further with the projected rise in number of data centers. Large data center operators such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Amazon Web Services require more water for their efficient operations. As a result, data centers are likely to adopt liquid immersion cooling solutions, where reusable, engineered liquid is used for cooling servers. Even if immersion technique uses water, the amount of water consumed will be less than traditional chilled-water cooling technique.

Some of the other prominent vendors identified in this report are Ebullient, Submer Technologies, and 3M.

This research report includes an in-depth analysis, market shares, and sizes of the sub-segments and geography. It provides a comprehensive analysis of the key companies, including their market shares, business overview, and key financials. The market study also offers a detailed analysis of key drivers, challenges, and opportunities influencing this market.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report titled, ‘Global Data Center Liquid Immersion Cooling Market 2016-2020’. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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