Touchscreen Technology

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The 1980s saw the birth of Touchscreen technology. After more than twenty years of its existence, it was the launch of the iconic Apple iPhone that made this technology come into prominence.
But much before the launch of the iPhone or the LG Prada, which features an array of gadgets, touchscreen technology had also seen rapid growth in other segments like PCs and kiosks.
We could probably say that the market has been led by mobile handsets, portable gaming consoles, Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs).
However, mobile phones are the ones that keep garnering a huge share of consumer interest with respect to touchscreens. Around 38-40% of all the mobile phones shipped will have Touchscreen technology by 2012, estimates TechNavioTM in its report ‘Touchscreen technology market 2007-2012’ – published this week – which identifies and estimates the growth in various technology. It includes detailed information about its market size and key players, which have been evaluated on the basis of number of shipment units every year.
Apart from analysing the market, the top three technologies are compared under certain parameters, providing a clear picture about the pros and cons of each technology, comments one of the experts.
Similar forecasts, together with few of the suppliers, future touchscreen technologies and trends, have been included this week in this report.
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