Top 5 Vendors for Pet Wearable until 2020, by Technavio

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Key vendors to strategically increase their sales through pro shops retail format

Technavio, a company that develops over 2000 pieces of research every year and covers more than 500 technologies across 80 countries, has announced the top five leading vendors for the global pet wearable market in their latest research report. This report also lists 16 other prominent vendors who are expected to contribute to this market’s growth between 2016-2020.

To identify the top vendors, Technavio’s market research analysts have taken into account the revenue obtained from the following:

  • Sales of pet wearable devices such as GPS pet trackers and other pet related smart accessories
  • Application and platform licensing fee
  • Communication service providers for offering continuous tracking and monitoring services

This Technavio report, under the machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected devices vertical, is based on the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information about the global pet wearable market collected from specialized sources. The analysts have derived insights using a mix of primary and secondary research with an aim to provide a holistic picture of the market.

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Competitive vendor landscape

The competition in the global pet wearable market increased with the rise in number of vendors operating in the market space. Vendors analyze the growth opportunities of the market to increase their product penetration levels. Vendors are using advanced marketing strategies such as cross-platforms to sell their products. These small companies are multiplying in number to attain a share of the market revenue. For instance, companies such as Petcube, Pet Vu, Trackimo, WTS, and Tractive have their presence in this market and intensifying the market competition by offering low- and competitive-priced products to pet parents.

“Vendors in the market are exploring new and improved distribution channels to keep pace with the competition in the market. Companies such as FitBark are collaborating with sellers including Amazon, Best Buy, and Target to deliver GPS pet trackers. Besides, pet wearable device providers are also leveraging targeted email campaigns, personalized in-app purchases, and targeted social network campaigns to create brand and product awareness. Collaborations between device providers and veterinarians is also an emerging trend in the market,” says Abhishek Sharma, a lead analyst at Technavio for research on machine-to-machine (M2M) and connected devices.

Top five vendors in the pet wearable market space


FitBark provides wireless pet health and behavior monitoring devices. The company provides FitBark, a dog activity and sleep monitor device, which collects data on the physical activity and rest levels of the pet 24/7 to provide insights about its health and behavior to its owners

Key products: FitBark Dog Activity Monitor.

Whistle Labs

Whistle provides devices such as GPS pet tracker, activity monitor, and other accessories to locate and monitor pets. The company has a comparative database of pet health information, which provides unprecedented insights to improve veterinary medical research. In January 2015, the company acquired Tagg, a Qualcomm spin-off, which provides GPS pet tracking devices.

Key products: Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, Whistle Activity Monitor, and Accessories.

i4C Innovations

i4C Innovations is a subsidiary of Intersections Inc. The company provides Voyce Health Monitor and Wellness Management System for monitoring every stage of a dog’s life. The device is designed using non-invasive sensors and exclusive patented technology to gather vital health information about dogs.

Key products: Voyce Health Monitor.


PetPace offers remote pet health and well-being monitoring solutions to track the vital signs of pets in real-time using advanced analytical methods and alerting models. The PetPace smart collar tracker has an array of sensors to remotely monitor pets over eight pounds in the clinic or at home. This product has non-invasive sensors to track the temperature, activity, pulse, respiration, positions, calories consumed and burnt, and heart-rate variations to analyze a pet’s health condition. The company’s product portfolio includes smart-sensing collar, health monitoring service, health dashboard and alerts, and mobile apps for pet parents.

Key products: Smart sensing collar, Health monitoring service, Health dashboard and alerts, and Mobile app for pet owners.


Tractive provides GPS Tracker for locating and tracking pets in real-time. This device consists of a GSM module, GPS-antenna, LED, and battery.

Key products: GPS pet tracker, LED dog collar, and GPS hunters

Other prominent vendors in this market include Bremed, EmsiG, iHealth, Jawon, KERN, Marsden, Mediagate, Medisana, Microlife, Qardio, and Withings.

A more detailed analysis is available in the Technavio report, Global Pet Wearable Market 2016-2020. Technavio also customizes reports by other regions and specific segments upon request.

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