Top 5 Suppliers for Market Research Services until 2020

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Suppliers are developing new methodologies, such as mobile surveys and DIY products, to attract new customers and enhance their competitiveness

Procurement market intelligence analysts have announced the top five leading suppliers for the market research services in their latest research report. The market is dominated by five suppliers – three of which are based in Europe and two in North America. All the five key vendors in this market collectively accounted for about 33% of the overall market revenue in 2015. The Middle East is a growing market for market research services, where the GCC occupies more than 50% of the sales in the region.

This category spend intelligence report is based on the synthesis, analysis, and interpretation of information about the global market research services market collected from specialized sources. The analysts have derived insights using a mix of primary and secondary research with an aim to provide a holistic picture of the market.

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Competitive vendor landscape

Vendors in the market are partnering with one-stop solution providers which are technologically advanced and offer innovative solutions. With the growing requirements for research in complex and changing environments, the organizations are strategically sourcing their market research needs. The market is witnessing rapid consolidation due to the growing inorganic expansion strategies adopted by larger players.  Market research service providers are extending their global presence and making massive investments in innovative research methodologies to reduce the impact of competition. Also, the players are bundling different market research requirements to leverage bulk discounts, minimize procurement complexities, and reduce duplicity of research.

According to Angad Singh, a category specialist at Technavio, “With companies increasingly demanding insight-based outputs, the market is expected to shift from data collection to insight consulting, which is a mix of traditional market research and management consulting. Innovations such as mobile surveys, DIY tools, and social media listening are not only widening the reach of suppliers, but also providing real-time and insightful information about customers via audio and video platforms. Suppliers are focusing on providing location-based service applications by providing technologies to set up m-surveys that enable participation on the move. The data generated by a large number of these applications is then integrated to compile a real-time feedback from users to facilitate marketing decisions.”

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Top five suppliers in the market research market space

Nielsen Holdings

Nielsen is one of the largest market research service providers across the globe. It pays more attention towards innovations to gain more market shares and stay ahead of market trends. Through its advanced methods, it provides clients with usable, practical, and meaningful tools to improve business strategies and enhance decision-making capabilities. Nielsen is a global leader in television and digital measurement, helps clients comprehend the reach of its content, and provides effective metrics to optimize the overall spend on advertising and maximize content value.

Key services of Nielsen include advisory services, retail measurement/account level services, business technology solutions, spectra solutions, beverage data network service, and market intelligence.

Kantar Group

Kantar is the data investment management segment of the WPP Group. The company comprises a network of around 13 companies that are involved in various research and consultancy disciplines. It offers services to almost half the top Fortune 500 companies. It assists clients gain holistic insights about consumers with regard to how they live, shop, watch, and vote. Kantar administers about 20 million new posts and articles, and content from over 20 million blogs, 10 million forums, and 40,000 news sites.

Key services of Kantar include consumer and business insights, futuring and innovation, marketplace and media information, channel and retail strategies, marketing effectiveness, and market research.

IMS Health

IMS Health is a global information and technology services company that delivers solutions related to the healthcare sector. Approximately 7,000 of its experts use SaaS applications to provide unique insights related to diseases, treatments, costs, and outcomes. This data is derived from 15+ petabytes of complex healthcare data in the IMS One cloud platform. The company has a huge clientele including pharmaceutical, consumer health, and medical devices companies, hospitals and insurance agencies.

Key services of IMS Health include commercial outsourcing, launch and brand excellence, primary intelligence, and strategy and management consulting.

Ipsos Research

Ipsos is an innovative, entrepreneurial, client-focused organization, offering research services to clients across the globe. It is the only global market research organization that is controlled and managed by market researchers.  The company is popularly known as a trusted advisory to the world’s leading businesses and provides unique insights through measuring, modeling, and managing customer and employee relationships.

Key services of Ipsos include data collection, data delivery, advertising research, media, content, and technology research, opinion polls and social research, loyalty, quality, and customer relationship management research, and survey management.


Gartner is a market research and advisory firm located in the US that delivers IT-related insights. The client base of this organization include large corporations, government agencies, technology companies, and the investment community.  The company has acquired several companies that provide related services, such as Real Decisions and Gartner Dataquest. Gartner has also acquired several competitors, such as New Science, Meta Group, and AMR Research.

Key services of Gartner include industry advisory services, end-user research, quantitative insights, data analytics, cloud-based services, process management, and performance management.

A more detailed analysis is available in the procurement market intelligence report titled, ‘Global Market Research Services – Procurement Market Intelligence 2016’.